Turkey Trots and Comebacks

Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already?  Happy Monday friends. And for all of my Canadian pals I am sure they are giving me a big, “Heck yes,” as they celebrated a good while ago.

I hope that all of my friends in the States had a great Thanksgiving.  We had a blast with our little turkey.  We also were able to get in a turkey trot before the festivities began.  Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, we were able to leave Mary for a few hours and head to the Northshore Turkey Trot in Highland Park, IL.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was nervous.  It was my first race since Mary was born (16 weeks to the day!) and I had just come back from a horrible cold that had left with me without a voice less than a week before.  I went in thinking that I would just do it for fun.  But given my personality, we all know that was impossible.


Let me first say that this race is awesome.  This was our second year doing this one and I love everything they have to offer.  The race is a tad pricey for a 10k but they pride themselves on the pre-race swag and the post race apple pies.  Packet pick-up the day before is seamless and parking the day of is a piece of cake.  This year’s weather was much more tolerable at a balmy 50°F with drizzles, compared to last year’s miserable 17°F.   I love running in the rain!

Without going into too many details, this race is not too big and not too small.  It is the Goldilocks of turkey trots.  And for a city girl, I love doing a race that winds through residential roads and showcases some of the most beautiful houses on the north shore of Chicago.

Random highlight of my day was waiting to hop into our corrals and bumping into my doctor and another doctor from her office   Funny enough, my doctor was out of town when Mary was born and this colleague was there on call to help us through.  I love having an office of doctors who are all runners (the doctor who delivered Mary was training for Marine Corps and we spent my delivery discussing her race plan!).  It was a funny little 4 month reunion.

Long story short, my competitive side took over and I had a great race.  I’m not quite where I was at the peak of training.  But I had a great run.  My GPS didn’t connect while I was waiting in my corral and took 2 miles to actually work (I definitely spent the first few miles thinking of the angry e-mails I wanted to send Garmin.  It is a new GPS and takes forever to connect).  So when I finished the race I had no idea what I had actually ran.  When I got in the car and logged into the live results I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had finished well under my goal pace and second in my age group.  It was a great motivational boost.


This also speaks profoundly to the benefits you can gain from speed work.  And that includes pyramid training runs on the mill.  We had really icy sidewalks for the past week and I spent a lot of time in the gym to avoid the dangerous conditions and the cold.  You can improve your running on the treadmill with the correct approach.

And now we can officially start decorating for the holiday season.  I am in love!  Stop by later this week because I have an awesome revamp of my favorite holiday dessert as a breakfast recipe.

How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you do a turkey trot?

9 thoughts on “Turkey Trots and Comebacks

  1. Great job! I’ve heard really good things about that race. I did my own 5k turkey trot at home & it was great. I still feel really slow but I’m happy to be running at all.

    • Thanks Sara. Isn’t it great to just be back? I felt like I would never have my speed back again. But then it was as if something clicked and it started working again. So glad you are running!

  2. I can’t wait until I can run again. I’m also pretty scared about it, I will admit. It is still a ways off, but I’m happy that somebody is out there feeling good feeling great!

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