Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello again from Michigan. We are up here for a few days, visiting my family. This is Mary’s first Christmas and it is so exciting!

It is also unseasonably warm and this wimp has been loving the crazy temps. In fact, I only packed cold weather running gear and this is the interesting combo I put together to run in yesterday. #supersexyrunner

Rock did make some comment about “For better or worse.”

I’ve been busy enjoying the holiday excitement and that has taken me away from posting lately (but I’ve got lots of great stuff in the New Year to help you get on top of your winter training).  We spent all of last week baking new recipes for cookies and treats as gifts to share.  I was wrapping presents too!  With all of this excitement, I forgot to post about Mary’s christening the previous weekend. 

 As you can see, we are so lucky to have the most wonderful godparents and God-sisters. While we were up here we decided to take them skating. And I took a quick whirl around in my skates. Check out this first spin since having Mary. I was so dizzy after I couldn’t see a thing. I’m most definitely out of practice! 
We had the best time with the girls and I have to brag that the youngest (only 2 years old) was cruising around on her own!  #supercoaches


We are going to keep enjoying Christmas firsts with our little Mary. In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your families. Enjoy the long weekend and see you next week!


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