My Playlist Needs Some Help

Week 1 of marathon training….check!  I have to say that I am loving being back on a plan and having some structure to my running.  The tired and heavy legs?  Not loving that so much.

In the past when I have trained I used an iPod Shuffle.  But I got sick of them dying on me all of the time and spending a small fortune replacing them.  Now that I have an iPhone, I can connect to my music more easily.  Lately I have been using Pandora and mixing it up with different genres.  But we are headed somewhere this week where I won’t be able to use Pandora.  My playlist could also use some new tunes and a little change up.

That’s where I am hoping you can help me! In return I will help someone else.

Help me find some new tunes for my playlist and for each new song that isn’t already on my list and works for training, I will donate a dollar to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.


As you may (or may not know) I am a coach for MDA’s Team Momentum.  They just announced a very exciting rebranding and I am thrilled with their new look and exciting new mission.  I have met so many wonderful families through the MDA and they have become both friends and family to our family.


So why not help all of us out?  Send me your favorite running tunes and I will send them a donation for your assistance.

Don’t be shy with the music.  I like it all and have the most embarrassing playlist.  Anything goes as long as it has a nice fast or strong beat.  Here is a sampling of what is on my current playlist: Led Zepplin, Miley Cyrus (yes they are next to each other), 50 Cent, Mackelmore, Johnny Cash, Vienna Boys Choir, Dolly Parton, One Republic….you get the drift.  Anything goes as long as it has a good beat to keep my legs a movin’.


23 thoughts on “My Playlist Needs Some Help

  1. I have a 100 song playlist that I listen to on shuffle but I’ll spare you the entire list and am sending a few of my current faves. Go MDA Team Momentum!!

    Van Halen – Right Now
    Jessie J – Bang Bang
    Drake – Energy
    Martin 5 – Animals
    Bonnie Tyler – Holding out for a Hero
    Rick Ross – Hustlin
    Paramore – Ain’t it fun
    The Killers – Mr. Brightside
    The Cranberries – Zombie
    Toby Keith – Shoulda Been a Cowboy
    Tim McGraw – Shotgun Rider
    Fall Out Boy – Centuries
    Cali Swag District- Teach Me How To Dougie
    Jay Z – Run This Town
    Kanye West – Stronger

  2. What a fun idea. AC/DC’s TNT (Bon Scott’s swaggery version) never fails to get or keep me going. Strides just sync to the Oi, oi, oi. So good.

    A few other favs:
    Authority Song by Jimmy Eat World
    Better Things – the Bouncing Souls cover
    We Care a Lot – Faith No More
    Overkill – Motorhead
    Cut me Up – Har Mar Superstar
    The Goatrider’s Horde – 3 Inches of Blood
    I Want to Conquer the World – Bad Religion
    Mama’s Broken Heart – Miranda Lambert
    The Underdog – Spoon
    Wishing Well – The Airborne Toxic Event

    Happy training!

  3. Here’s a couple fun ones from my “Maui Mix!”

    Love Runs Out – One Republic
    In the Ayer – Flo’ Rida
    Timber – Pitbull w/Keisha
    Come With Me Now – Kongos
    Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
    The Walker – Fitz & The Tantrums

  4. What a great way to increase your playlist and help out others!
    Here are some of my favourite songs that I have on mine:

    Florence & the Machine – Dog days are over
    Pink – So what
    Michael Jackson – Don’t stop till you get enough
    Violent Femmes – Blister in the sun
    Blondie – One way or another
    Pitbull – Back in time (or pretty much anything by him…)

  5. oh man, do i love music, so this post makes me happy! some personal faves from my current running list: anything by the 1975 or Great Good Fine Ok; “American Money” or “Shooting Stars” by Borns; “Paris” by Magic Man; “Sorry” by Bieber (i can’t NOT love his new stuff); “Street Fight” by Smallpools; “Go For It” by Cruisr; “My Friends Over You” by New Found Glory…ok i can keep going if you need more. 🙂

  6. I love sharing music suggestions! 🙂 Like Ches, my running playlist has over 100 songs and I just shuffle.

    Fast Car – Jonas Blue, Dakota (found this one recently)
    Perfect – One Direction (only a little embarassing)
    My House – Flo Rida
    The Veldt (8 Minute Edit) – deadmau5
    Five More Hours – Deorro, Chris Brown
    Walk – Foo Fighters
    You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates (LOVE H&O)
    Derp – Bassjackers (a little hard techno)

    I think that’s good for now. Enjoy!!!

  7. I like running to David Guetta, especially his Listen album. And Grease, Lorde, Taylor Swift’s 1989 esp, Shake It Up, Calvin Harris, Tina Turner from when she was with Ike. A mix of everything!

  8. Where you love being back on a plan, I dreaded it. 😉 That’s why I decided that I was not ready to start back up in January and now February. I’m weird but I like to run to the piano guys and just about everything else… When I do decide to run with music. Yeah… I’m not much help!

  9. Happy to help!! I hope you like a few of them… Another great one I just started listening to is “Stitches” by Shawn Mendes.. Oh and “Animals” is by Maroon 5 not Martin 5.

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