When Customer Service Stinks… You Blog About It

Hello there!  We are back in the states after a lovely week in Aruba. We are tan and totally unrested. But such is life with a teething baby. 

Over the last few months I have been dealing with some humorous situations that are both disappointing and ridiculous. Rock and I were chatting about them during a run the other day and he said, “These are so nuts you have to blog about it.”

Starting back at Christmas I ordered our holiday cards from Snapfish.com. I have ordered from them for years and have loved their products and awesome deals. In fact, I order a lot of photo books and things for projects for our programs in NYC and at home. In the past year or so they started messing up orders by sending them to other addresses, but each time I called the 1-800 number and received my order within days. 

So when my cards arrived on photo paper instead of card stock, I assumed it was my fault and quickly reordered the exact same order again and made certain it was on card stock. I was relieved when it arrived days before Christmas and on the correct paper. But just as I was about to send them out, my mother-in-law pointed out one major flaw. They were all signed by the Andersons. We are not the Andersons!


Lots of typos there too!

It was too late to reorder so I shrugged it off and crossed out the incorrect name and signed it with ours. We joked that it would be humorous for years to come. 

And then the second half of my order arrived. I ordered ornaments with photos of our family as well as photos of family members with baby Mary. This is what I received:

  At this point I was more than annoyed and went to call Snapfish. Guess what?  They no longer have an 800 number and you can no longer speak to a live person. All contact must be done online with their chat service. 

I waited several minutes and finally spoke/typed with someone who had very broken English. When they offered to replace my cards, I pointed out that we no longer wanted them. I was given a 50% refund. And then I was told that my ornaments would be redone and rushed to me. 

I waited a month before contacting Snapfish again to let them know that our Christmas gifts had not arrived. They told me to look for an e-mail. I received it days later and it stated that they wanted to confirm our satisfaction with their service. I immediately responded and told them I was absolutely not satisfied and had not received my product.  

 We are currently waiting to see if we receive our order….. 

Meanwhile, Rock purchased a pair of Yurbuds for me as one of my wishes for Christmas. I have weird ears that won’t hold earbuds. And I love this product (as you have seen me rave about on here on multiple occasions).  I wanted a set that has the microphone because I use them when I coach groups and also to walk the baby and dog and still manage phone calls. 

Two weeks into using them, the microphone stopped working. I e-mailed Yurbuds to let them know and waited for two weeks for a response. When it finally came, it read, “We are contacting you to ensure that our response to your e-mail was satisfactory.”

Again, they had never responded. I e-mailed back and said that no it was not satisfactory, because I was never contacted in the first place. And two weeks later, I have heard nothing back. 

So here are my questions for you:

Is it a red flag when a company does not allow phone access anymore?  And have you watched a company you love change their service for the worse?

And what earbuds work for the earbud inept?!

13 thoughts on “When Customer Service Stinks… You Blog About It

  1. Yeah – that is pretty crappy service! I tend to thoroughly read my order confirmations after a couple of times making mistakes (often from forms that reset items if you go back to edit or add something else). So as soon as I see an error I double back to my confirmation, then contact to discuss either my mistake or theirs.

    I honestly don’t worry about phone support, but I have been a ‘very digital person’ since forever … I actually prefer dealing with things through support emails / messaging / chat … which tends to mean that once I have to actually call I am feeling that the service is poor.

    I also have noticed that “change is not always good” when it comes to support. In general my thought is that when a company shifts away from handling things in the medium they operate in, that is REALLY bad … so if an online company only takes cancellations on the phone, or a physical retailer requires you to make changes online … bad sign.

    And with the recent experience of having our car broken into and stuff stolen two weeks ago, I have added to my list ๐Ÿ™‚ When you are talking to someone on the phone and they tell you to take down a number and hang up and call that number – and it is within the same building … not great. That is how the Jersey City police handled things the first time I called. Thanks.

    Further, when you are dealing with ‘one company’ that is really multiple companies – like many insurance companies – you quickly understand that the result is YOU will be doing 2x as much work. Everything went smoothly and we’ve already bought a replacement camera for Chris … but it made it much more time consuming for me.

    Well … isn’t this a sprawling reply ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am totally with you. After I stupidly booked a flight for the wrong date and showed up and ended up paying nearly $1000 more to get on the flight I needed, I recheck everything before I submit. One of our orders went to Arizona. I don’t even know anyone in Arizona! I would also completely agree that if they change their mode of communication it is a bad sign. Rock and I also despise being put on hold and bounced to other depts only to be put on hold again. You have to go in assuming it is going to take some serious patience. So sorry about your car break in. What a hassle. My first apartment was robbed and o felt so violated. I was fortunate to have a good experience with my insurance company. They even told me I was being too honest about what disappeared ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Ugh – sometimes I don’t mind corresponding digitally, but sometimes, I want to speak to a real person.
    I’m sorry about the issues you are having with yurbuds – they are my favorite headphones!

  3. I also have headphone problems because I have such small ears. Yurbuds hurt me if I wear them for too long. I prefer Snugbudds. I wrote a review about them a year or two ago. They fit great and they have different sized buds so you can pick the ones that fit you best.

  4. Holy crackers batman….that’s pretty bad!!! I’d blog about it too. Totally ridiculous.

    I use Yurbuds too, but just got my first pair with the microphone, which I’ve only used once. Good luck!

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  6. That’s terrible about Snapfish, I have used them quite often for photo development and never had a problem. I did, however, switch to having our Christmas cards done through Shutterfly (a bit pricier option) but have been really pleased with the quality!

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