Getting Workouts In Anywhere

As you may know, I am a bit of a fitness fanatic.  I obviously love running, but I also enjoy strength training and other workouts (Stay tuned as I am loving #BeFit workouts lately).  While I try to keep my exercise compulsion in control when on vacation or when away for work, I still like to get something in to avoid feeling the workout blahs.

The great thing about running is that you can take it just about anywhere.  From a hotel gym to the streets of a new area, running can go with you.  I love exploring new places.  While in Aruba, we got in 50+ miles exploring the island.  I have also taken running tours in different cities and am always game for trying out local trails.

During one of my last runs in Aruba I saw a gentleman getting a in brisk walk while carrying two large pieces of coral.  I loved it.  If you can’t carry your weights with you, find something else, right?!  What a great idea!


Ok, it wasn’t that big.  But it was still impressive!

I did hit our resort’s gym one afternoon for an arm workout.  It felt great, but the gym was almost a half mile from our room and to be quite honest, I didn’t like spending that much time away from my husband and daughter.  With long marathon training miles, I didn’t want to spend additional training hours away from our time at the pool and beach.  Instead, I added in mini workouts on our patio while Mary napped in the afternoon.

You don’t have to have a gym nearby or your exercise equipment on hand to stay in shape when you head out of town or are stuck at home during a polar vortex.  Use what you have around you or use your own body weight to stay fit.

Planks:  I cannot say it enough.  Planks work the core like no other.  You don’t need anything except a comfortable surface.  They can be done on your hands or get down on your forearms for a deeper burn.  Side planks will get those obliques to round out your core strengthening.

Planks 063

I would do these all day if I could.  Ok, maybe for a few minutes at least!

Water bottles:  Don’t have weights?  Use water bottles, or pieces of coral!  Some bicep curls, tricep dips, and shoulder presses will keep your upper body covered when you are away from the gym.

Squats and Plies:  You can work your legs out while you watch the news in the morning.  In fact, you can drink your morning coffee and keep those legs nice and strong.  Squats, plies, and lunges are the perfect way to stay strong.  Add in some chair poses and you don’t even have to move!

See what your vacation has to offer:  If you like to run or walk, and are staying somewhere safe, go take a look around.  Many resorts and hotels offer maps or suggestions for places to explore.  Some resorts even offer guided running tours or routes.

While in Aruba, I joined a group for a stand up paddle board yoga session.  I was absolutely terrible at it. But it was the perfect way to enjoy the Caribbean and get a workout in.  It worked muscles in ways I hadn’t used them for a long time.  I really felt the burn and had a blast at the same time.

How do you like to stay fit while on vacation?  Ever try SUP yoga?


This is the class we took.  Same locale, but definitely not us.  I was seriously terrible!

27 thoughts on “Getting Workouts In Anywhere

  1. I’ve done SUP-style yoga inside! Does that count??
    These are some great and very portable suggestions. This winter I feel like I’ve had to get more creative with workouts than ever with all the time I’ve been stuck inside!

  2. I tried SUP yoga this past summer and it was a great workout!! Really made me focus on balance. I travel for work every so often and sometimes I just feel like lounging on the bed and watching TV rather than hitting the hotel gym, but I force myself to get workouts in during commercials! Perfect short bursts to do planks, abs, jumping jacks, etc.

  3. Discovering the ‘running explore’ has been a wonderful thing for me – it was something I did during travel for my first job out of college, but as I do more distance running I have really loved exploring new and old places alike through running.

    But similar to you, I pick and choose – I don’t have the same time constraints now that the kids are older, but when on vacation I don’t tend to like taking so much time away from family time. When we were in NYC for vacation in summer 2015 we were on the 30th floor … and yeah, I used those stairs as a major workout! 🙂

    • Whoa, 30 floors?! That’s awesome. Family life does change things. But I really enjoyed the chance to run with Rock while we were there. We don’t have that luxury very often anymore.

  4. I’ve gotten back to adding plank torture to the daily run recently. We love our run-cations and enjoy exploring a new area by integrating our training runs or races into our trips.

  5. Love this post. Running is my favorite way to explore and it oddly keeps the energy up. Sometimes constantly taking in new things is mentally exhausting, so physical activity is a perfect balance. Paddle board yoga sounds ridiculous and awesome! I fell HARD last time I went paddle boarding. Hopefully they use boards with good traction!

    • I agree. Exploring with a run is such an awesome part of my vacations. The SUP was hard to do standing poses on. In my defense, I had to leave from there to do a 6 mile run back home. I was very set on not falling in because I figured a salty upper body and hair would be a miserable thing on the run home (chafing and salt in my eyes). It would have been fun to really tackle it. But I’m not that coordinated to begin with!

  6. When I was younger my Mom would always run super early on vacation and come back and tell us of some cool beach/restaurant/random thing that she discovered on her run. Now my husband and I try to do this on our own vacations I think that last year I managed to run in about five other states.

    • I completely agree. It is one of the best parts of being able to run long distances. We have had so much fun exploring places together and being able to get to spots we wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  7. i’m such a plank fan and love that they can be done anywhere — i do them prob 5 days a week. they’ve become my go-to core exercise as well. running is def what i do most on vaca, as it can be done anywhere like you said, and it’s a great way to explore a new place. the boy and i are already talking about how stoked we are to run in Maui! 🙂

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