The Year So Far and Giveaway Winner

How is it that we are in the month of March already?!  I have to say that the weather this winter has been nothing short of awesome and since I am currently training for a marathon, I am very grateful.

I mentioned to Allison the other day that I hadn’t reflected on my yearly mileage yet and she urged me to get on it.  So thanks, Allison!

January was a nice jump back into training and adding in more milage.  And February was just plain awesome with a trip to Aruba for my brother’s wedding.  Soon we are off for another little trip.  I seriously cannot complain.


So far this year I have completed over 400 miles with 198 in January and 207 in February.  And the best part is that I feel great!  I was really worried that I wasn’t in good enough shape post baby to be throwing myself into marathon training.  Typically I would have had far more double digit runs under my belt before training started.  But I have learned that isn’t always necessary to focus on just mileage.  I aim to spend a good amount of time each day working on strength training and I truly believe this has made me a stronger runner.  Focusing on the core alone will keep you healthier out there on your long runs.  But I prefer to do a more well rounded strength training that involves upper body, lower body and core.  Once training begins I eliminate a lot of the extra lower body work because marathon training is far too taxing on the legs for me.


I could enjoy reading like that every day!

I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of my training will take me.


A huge thanks to Fit Approach and BeFit for allowing me to try these awesome products!

And now, drumroll please……I posted on Monday morning that I was doing a giveaway.  As part of my involvement with Fit Approach I had the opportunity to try out BeFit’s workouts and supplements and have the opportunity to share with one lucky winner.  And that winner is: Gloria Smith.  Congrats Gloria.  Send me an e-mail and we will get you the products!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend.  And a big congrats and good luck to Elaine who PR’ed in her half marathon by over 28 minutes a few weeks ago.  This week she is tackling a 10k and a half marathon in one weekend.  Go get ’em!



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