My Fabletics Review

I have been dealing with a super annoying situation with my iPhone lately.  After I updated it in November it started doing crazy stuff with my iTunes.  Songs skip, fast forward and play at double speed.  It happens randomly and makes me want to throw my phone in the Chicago River, or Atlantic Ocean, depending on where I am at the time.

So I have been listening to a lot of Pandora lately.  It is a nice way to change up my tunes, although I still want to figure the iPhone thing out.  If you listen to Pandora much, you probably have heard quite a few advertisements for Kate Hudson’s athletic brand Fabletics.  After seeing her clothes on the Today Show, I decided to give them a try.


By signing up online for their VIP membership, you receive your first outfit for just $25.  While I don’t love the idea of a month-to-month membership, this one is not nearly as bad as Proactiv, where they just charge you every month without notice, regardless of whether you want their product or not.

How it works:  As a VIP member you receive great monthly discounts on outfits that are picked out for you.  Once a month you receive an e-mail that your picks are ready to be viewed.  You then have 5 days to view these outfits, choose one, or opt out for the month.  If you don’t opt out within those 5 days, your credit card on file is charged $49.95 which can then be credited to another month for a purchase.  If you opt out, you are not charged for that month.  Outfits start at $49.95 and ship for free.

I signed up and then looked through their outfits.  I opted for an upgraded outfit for $34.95 for a pair of leggings, a sports bra, and a tank top.

What I thought:  I love the idea of athletic leggings, but have never found a pair that looks good on me.  Everyone looks great in Lululemon leggings, but I swear I look like a sausage in it’s casing in them.  However, as soon as I put these on, it was love at first sight.

My husband knows how I feel about leggings and my struggle to find a good pair.  When I tried this pair on, he agreed that they were great and the membership was a keeper.  We both thought that these pants were flattering and well made.  And I love the fun colors.

I also love the sports bra which is super comfy and has a stylish cut.  I love how this outfit can go from the gym to a nice afternoon out running errands or grabbing lunch.  As an athletic coach, it is the perfect combination.


I love the looks I have seen and can’t wait to see what summer styles come out soon.  I did opt out of last month, but there is an outfit I might go back and buy.  You can also easily cancel your membership at anytime.

Wait, there’s more:  There is a men’s line that Rock has his eye on.  The mens version also carries nice looking athletic clothes that can be worn to the gym or out and about.  AND, there is a kid’s line.  I will be trying out the first outfit free option soon.

Please note that I was not contacted or compensated by Fabletics.  These opinions are, as always, my own.  I simply really liked this product and wanted to share my great experience.


Have you ever tried Fabletics?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


17 thoughts on “My Fabletics Review

  1. My friend is a member of fabletics and loves it. Thanks so much for the review, I am going to look into this! I love workout clothes, even more than normal day clothes! 🙂 Love the leggings and outfit!

    • I love the idea of nice clothes but they just sit in my closet and I gravitate towards workout clothes. I guess the nature of my job doesn’t help but I just plain prefer the comforts of workout clothes.

  2. Have definitely heard good things, glad it works for you! Didn’t even realize they had men’s stuff … Checking it out! I am cheap with running gear, but know I need new stuff, maybe I will try? Thanks for review!

  3. I have been SO interested in this! As you know, I am all about the monthly subscriptions, at least to try and then cancel them. Can you cancel after you receive your first shipment? I have really been curious about Fabletics. Also, that outfit. SO CUTE. You look great!!!!!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, that had been my original plan. I was going to get the cheap first time outfit and then cancel. But I liked it so much, I am sticking with it. Being able to skip months made it an easy fit for me.

  4. That outfit looks awesome on you! I prefer workout clothes to regular clothes, too – they’re colorful and feel good. I’ve considered trying fabletics a few times because I love the styles, but keep talking myself out of it. Knowing that it’s so easy to opt out and cancel might sway me. Thanks!

  5. love those leggings! i considered signing up when Fabletics first came out and did the whole initial email thing, but i didn’t want to get sucked into buying so much stuff (which i was afraid i definitely would, as i get hooked on buying workout clothes way too easily and LOVE fun leggings!). i’d reconsider again in the future. i love Athleta leggings as well, but am always looking for new great finds!

  6. How did it hold up under pressure with exercise? I went through the initial quiz for the site to be able to recommend clothes for me but I didn’t like any of the choices so I decided not to try it at all. I see cute stuff on the commercials but what was recommended for me was so ugly and plain. 😦

    • Oh no, what a bummer. Maybe try it again and go with answers that are a little more wild than what you would typically choose? It couldn’t hurt! It was super comfy to exercise in and washed well. I wouldn’t do a long training run in it but I would do a 3-5 miler in it or hit the gym.

  7. I love love Fabletics and I have your leggings here in the blue/green (pink looks better, but in Spain, crazy workout colours are only just catching on and I feel a bit self conscious in them!). I think I’ve been with them for a year now. The bras don’t fit and the tops can be too skin tight for me, but the leggings oh my! I live in the black Salar leggings running errands and crops for working out. The only issue I do have is that after about 3-4months wear the waist band gets higher, the elastane starts to decay so to speak and forever pulling them up to avoid saggy bum. That aside, if Lululemon is out your price range, these are just as good. Their running shorts I also fell in love with last year. No pulling up or down or is my bum on display!

    I’ll also point out you do not have to buy a complete outfit. You can pick and mix what you want I often just buy leggings and get the VIP discount. Also if you skip a month but see something you like after the 5th and are VIP, you get the VIP discount!

    • Thanks so much for sharing this. This was my first pair of “wild” leggings, so it was a bit of a leap for me. Interesting to know about the waist bands and so glad to hear about their shorts, as that is next on my list. I love that you can go back in after the 5th and still get a discount and didn’t know you can just purchase pieces. So great to know. Thanks so much!

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