Game Up-Fruit Snack Reviews

Please note that I was not contacted or compensated for this review.  I simply came across this product at my local grocery store and wanted to give it a try for my own personal benefit.  This review is, as always, strictly my own.


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As a running coach, I hate to admit this, but I am not always the best at fueling for long runs.  My body tends to do well with very little fuel if I eat a proper breakfast before I head out.  Typically I can go upwards of 20 miles without consuming anything during my run.  But I also know that if I would fuel a bit along the way, I would likely run a bit stronger.

I am always up for trying new things and when I was at the grocery store the other day, something caught my eye as I passed by the fruit snack section.  We don’t eat fruit snacks in our house but the packaging stopped me.  Game Up Fruit Snacks are touted as sports chews for athletes.  At $2.29 for a box of 10 and  90 calories per packet, this is exactly what I am looking for.  Each package contains 125mg of electrolytes and is packed with B vitamins and vitamin C.  They are naturally flavored, gluten free, caffeine free and American made.  All plusses in my book.

Last Saturday, Rock and I took these on our 17 mile long run.  We stopped for water after 9 miles and that is when I decided to break open my packet.

The Verdict:

Opening: They were easy to carry in my Flipbelt and when I pulled them out, the package opened easily.  There were maybe a dozen chews in there.

Flavor:  I had the orange flavor and found that it tasted just like your typical orange flavored fruit snack.  Not too hard and not too chewy.  Easy to snack on the run.  Sometimes energy chews can be really gummy and stick to your teeth. We both thought that these we much easier to deal with and tasted better too.

Overall:  No heart burn, which is something that can happen with different types of fuel.  This worked well on my stomach.  And I noticed that it did the trick of giving me a little boost just when I needed it.  My energy was back and I was good to go for the rest of the run.  I also did not notice any issues with hydration when using this product.  Sometimes certain chews and gels leave me feeling parched.

I would give these an A and the only reason I didn’t give it an A+ is for not being 100% natural like my nut butters.  On the other hand, this is much easier to run with an doesn’t leave you feeling like you need to consume an entire water bottle afterwards!  So maybe it is closer to an A+ after all!

I would honestly continue using these throughout my training.  Being able to pick up fuel at the grocery store makes life nice and easy, as well as far cheaper.  I would recommend giving this product a try!

Would you give a grocery store fruit snack a try on a long run?

12 thoughts on “Game Up-Fruit Snack Reviews

  1. I’d definitely try these, but I know for me GU works well so I am hesitant to change. I would certainly give them a shot on a bike ride to see how my stomach handled them. I eat shot blocks on my bike when I do triathlons – they work well for me. I also love shot blocks to eat like candy, LOL – I love the texture of them – so I bet I would enjoy these too.

  2. I tried gels a while back and they gave me this cold sensation in my chest immediately after having them, which made the run super uncomfortable. Plus they tasted gross. We tried a few different types of chews out of curiosity. I could take them or leave them, usually leave them because of the price. These are cheap and a little extra boost around mile 9 is only a good thing! Ill keep an eye out for them.

    • I’ve tried just about everything. This one ranks right up there in price and taste. That’s an awful experience to have with gels! I love Pocket Fuel nut butter because it is natural and works so well but you have to plan it out with water. I was thinking of doing figs or even Fig Newtons. I’m always searching, even if I tend to skip fueling.

  3. I would be willing to try them but I’m kinda dialed in on my gu gel, water, and gatorade mix for my long runs which usually matches my race day strategy. But, I could definitely see how they would say on long bike rides to supplement. Always nice to see new ideas and products from a runner’s perspective.

  4. I would definitely be willing to try them! I usually fuel with Gu gels but I like a chew every once in a while too. I’m not crazy about the Gu chews because they’re kind of hard and sticky. I like the Honey Stingers OK because they’re smaller and easier to chew. Something cheaper would be great! (OH, and I looked up Pocket Fuel…looks like the compmany went belly-up…?? )

  5. If you’re stuck on what snack to get and need a quick energizer, choose the Game Up sports chews. The chews come in a silver aluminum like package, with the game up logo on the front. This product comes in two flavors Fruit Punch and Orange Lift. There is safety precautions on the back of every package along with some contact numbers.

    The Game Up sports chews compare a lot to another snack item, Mott’s Medleys fruit snacks.
    The Game Up contains everything the Mott’s Medleys does, such as no artificial flavors or colors, vitamins, and no gluten. Some things that make the Game Up fruit snacks dominant is that it contains electrolytes and it has a better taste and texture.

    The Game Up sports chews are best suited for people who are very active and need a supplement to gain back everything that they lost. I would rate this product at a ten out of ten rating. This snack has just the right balance in all the right places.

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