Rungry. What’s Your Cravings?

When I was pregnant, my husband was incredibly supportive.  One of the first things he told me was that anytime I had a milkshake craving, he would drive anywhere to grab me one.  I am pretty sure he said this because he was loving the idea of sharing “sympathy milkshakes” with me.

Sadly for him, I did not have milkshake cravings.  Instead, I had one thing I wanted a lot of and that was fruit.  At one point last spring, I was eating so much fruit and cheese at lunch that I was making myself sick!  Mangos, strawberries, any berry, apples….I couldn’t get enough.

Later, there was this awesome phase where I wanted sugar free Slurpees after every run.  We were all kind of digging that.  Even the dog!


Being a human snack tray is kind of fun too!

Now that we are deep into marathon training, the runger is real.  It doesn’t always happen right after a run.  This past weekend, I was ravenous the day after my long run.  I’d love to say that my cravings have been lean meats, salads, and other healthy things (notice why I don’t do WIAW?!).  But instead, I eat anything that is around or just sounds yummy.

Total mom fail, I ate Mary’s puffs while we were on a walk because my runger took over and I was about to take off for my midweek long run!

We were joking the other day about my pregnancy cravings vs. marathon training cravings.  Sure I still crave healthy food (and salad is my go-t0 for just about any meal).  But I get so hungry that my mind starts going to giant sandwiches, chips in all assortments, and let’s not even get started with dessert.


This pic always cracks me up.  I feel like I should receive this award at times!

I used to have massive cravings during my long runs for McDonald’s Diet Coke.  The strangest part is, we never have McDonald’s and I rarely drink a Diet Coke.  But Rock always knew that our first stop, post long run was the drive-thru.  I also foam at the mouth on long, hot summer training runnings just thinking about a salty margarita.  Needless to say, we usually go out for Mexican food on those nights.

This is where training for a race can get dangerous and you must keep yourself in check.  Have fun, but don’t go wild.  But definitely still have fun!

So tell me, what are your running cravings?  Ever have anything totally wild pop into your head that you must have when you finish?

25 thoughts on “Rungry. What’s Your Cravings?

  1. Lately I’ve been stocking up on Maranatha no-stir coconut-almond butter. It’s the first thing I grab out of my fridge after a run (and pretty much anytime I have the munchies). I just take a great big spoon and eat a few gobs of it right out of the jar.

  2. I had the same pregnancy fruit cravings! (Also graham crackers and apple juice). After a long run I always want the same thing – a sandwich with grilled chicken and warm roasted veggies. I also vividly dream during a run about hot pretzels with mustard. I guess I need more salt!

  3. One time on a run I started craving pineapple so bad I started wishing for people in their yards eating pineapple who would offer me some. Haha. Another time I craved a banana I knew I had in my car and I devoured it when I got back from my run.
    I’m usually not super hungry the day of a long run but in the days ahead I can often be a bottomless pit. I recently ate a taco salad, then went to McDonald’s and got fries and a McFlurry. And I wasn’t stuffed after!

  4. It’s no surprise that you crave salt after a long summer run… Your body is simply telling you, “Hey, Sarah, we need some stuff balanced out down here… Like salt, now. Please.”

    I like bananas all summer long. Love ’em… and pickles! Man, I love me some pickles starting about the 50 mile mark. I also like a Double Quarter Pounder, a large fry and a Coke (leaded) after a century. I never crave McDonald’s but my body remembers that the easiest path to salt and potassium is? A banana and a Quarter Pounder and Fries. Best way I know to avoid cramping up later in the evening. Nice post, Sarah.

  5. Oh my gosh, I am always ravenous after a long run! I usually think of salty foods or anything different than I ate for breakfast (ie- bananas, oatmeal, PB). Ice cream is the best post-race treat! Have a Happy Friday! 🙂

  6. Beer. Ice cold, but heavy, beer. That’s what I crave during a run. And anything fried – empanadas, samosas, egg rolls, literally give me the fried ‘thing’ from any cuisine.

  7. During runs when it’s hot I always crave Sonic cranberry slushes and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. And I crave macaroni and cheese basically all the time, whether I’m running or not 🙂

  8. I get so self conscious about my spiked appetite when I’m around non-runners. My sisters have 3 meals a day and they’re good. Me? Always hungry for something very specific, usually things I’m allergic to that take a lot of work to make me-friendly versions of – doughnuts, pecan sticky buns or a slice of cold pizza with congealed cheese. On hot days all I really want is watermelon first. Then tacos or papusas. But you’ve put milkshakes on my mind. Thanks!

    • I have been embarrassed many times when ordering food. On Thursday night before my 22 miler, I ordered a burger and fries and we also had shrimp and nachos. Rock had to run the day after so we went back and had the same meal the following day. I’m sure the server didn’t know what to make of us. I don’t care. It was delicious!

  9. Brunch!!! The whole time I do my long runs I think about what I’m going to have at brunch. The pancake house in Wilmette is my favorite!!

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