Holiday Weekends, Lazy Blogging and Giveaway Winner!

Happy day after Global Running Day!  I obviously went for a run, but didn’t take a pic because I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus this week.

Last week was super hot and muggy here in NYC.  For any runner, this is discouraging.  For a runner coming off of one marathon and trying to get back into training for another, it was disastrous.  I didn’t get a single planned run in last week.  I will touch upon this topic a bit more next week.

We decided to escape the city on Saturday morning for a little afternoon up in Fishkill.  This is one of our favorite spots to go to when we need a quick escape from the city.  In the past, we might have gotten a room for a night or two and dined out and strolled around.  But with a baby and dog in tow, we decided to make it a little day trip.

We had originally planned on hitting one of our favorite rail trails and take turns getting our six mile runs in.  But when we woke up and it was already sizzling out, Rock went for a quick run and picked up our car.  We loaded and up decided to go walk the rail trail for a bit.

It was so hot on the trail that we made it about a half mile into our trek when we were drenched in sweat and decided that was far enough.  I pulled out a water bottle for the baby and the dog and as they were slurping, I noticed a perfect shaded grassy area along the path.


We ditched our plans and held up there for a nice long while.  Several cyclists came by and commented on how we had found the perfect spot.  It really was.  The dog loves to roll in the grass and sunbathe.  Mary is almost 10 months old and loves to walk with her favorite toy that I refer to as the lawn mower.  She was walking all over and just hanging out in the green grass.  It was seriously the perfect arrangement.

From there, we grabbed some sandwiches, dined in the car and then hit the road back to the city.  We were home by 3:00pm.  Oh how life changes!

Sunday was Rock’s birthday!  We celebrated with an early breakfast at the diner (thanks to Mary who thinks 6:00am is the perfect wake up).  Then we went over and tried out the splash pad at the park across the street from us.

It was a total win!  Mary loves swimming and all things that involve water.  She crawled, walked, and sat in every water feature she could find.  She also just loves waving at anyone who looks her way and is very taken by other children.  We had a blast in the park.

While the weather has cooled a touch, we are still trying to adjust to the heat.  Runs are starting to get back to normal and splash pads and pools are becoming the norm around here.


We switched up the traditional Memorial Day fare for sushi (hey it was hot!).  Mary tried her first veggie roll, and loved it!

A big shoutout to everyone who made it through hot marathons last weekend, especially the Bayshore and Vermont City Marathons.  I know it was rough and many of you were unable to finish.  But let me say that anyone who survives marathon training is a finisher and winner in my book!

And now for the giveaway winner from last week’s blog post on The Benefits of Hiring A Running Coach.  A huge congrats to Katie@AdultingDaily.  Please get in touch at the e-mail address from my website.  We can set up a time to chat, get your consultation, and together we will create the perfect custom plan for your upcoming training!

13 thoughts on “Holiday Weekends, Lazy Blogging and Giveaway Winner!

  1. Your girl is all cuteness! It was obscenely sticky here last weekend. I abandoned my Saturday run about a mile in and made sangria instead. Basically the same thing. Have you guys checked out the awesome playgrounds on Governors Island yet? When want to escape but feel too lazy to drive that’s where we go this time of year.

  2. Mary’s walking already?! (if she’s not then she soon will be) That doesn’t surprise me as her mama and papa are runners! I started walking at 11 months old much to my Mum’s delight.

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