Holiday Weekends At Their Finest

Hello from the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  We are here for our annual week long adventure.  If you have followed this blog for very long, you know that my husband Rock is a hockey coach and grew up going to a camp in Northern Wisconsin.  Each year, he returns for a week and coaches their hockey program.

I love tagging along.  Last year I was a plump pregnant lady on this adventure.  And this year, we have an almost 11 month old with us!


So glad to not look or feel like that this year!

Our adventure started off with a night at my parent’s house in Michigan.  We decided to take Mary for a run with us in her stroller.  I have gone with her a few times, but this was Rock’s first.  As most parents do, we took turns getting ready.  When we met at the door, we discovered that we both chose the same outfit.  Rock was sooo excited.  Wink.  Wink.


I think he loves it!

On Saturday morning we made our trek up to the Mackinac Bridge and across the Upper Peninsula to Rhinelander, WI.  We had one very important stop to make first.  I have been hearing rave reviews of a place called Cops and Donuts.  They had one original location in their small town where the local donut shop was going to close.  The cops came together and bought the place and it has become a huge hit.  There is a new location in Gaylord, MI that they refer to as their Gaylord Precinct.  It was on the way, so we swung by for a few delicious treats.

I love all food and I love an occasional splurge.  But when it comes to donuts, I often take a bite or two and am unimpressed.  However, these donuts were quite possibly the best ones I have ever had.  Note:  get the chocolate glazed.  It is heaven sent!

Our adventure continued with car snacks that of course included cheese curds.  In case you were wondering, Mary is a huge fan.

We have had many adventures so far.  There has been time spent on the dock and dangling our legs in the water (Mary included).  Sunday night we took a horse and buggy ride that stops at local bars and one final stop for dinner.  We rode with 20 friends and it was an absolute blast.  Mary loves dogs and yells, “Hi dog,” to any that she passes.  She was shouting to every horse and calling it a dog.  She loved the bumpy wagon ride and playing on the swing sets at each stop.


First stop was to our favorite local bar The Birchwood, owned by a friend of ours.  Mary loved the cuisine and so did mom and dad!  

I even managed an awesome 9 mile run down some hot and hilly country roads on Sunday.  It was challenging, but without the humidity as a factor, I got in some much needed confidence boosting miles.

The 4th of July started with us heading to the rink for Rock’s first day of hockey camp.  We came along and I put Mary in the running stroller.  It was right around her nap time and I was hoping that we could start converting one of her naps into a sleep time/mommy run.  She fell asleep quickly and I managed 7 very slow and hilly miles.  I like to think that I got extra points for resistance training.


We finished off the day with a lovely 4th of July dinner with friends.  Rock grew up going to this camp.  He has the best of friends from growing up there and from being a counselor in his high school and college years.  I have been lucky enough to hijack some of his close girl friends.  They are absolutely some of the best people around and I am so lucky to have them in my life.  A good blogger would have captured this luckiness.  But the mom in me was too busy snapping pics of the baby!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that you were able to enjoy a Happy Canada Day and/or 4th of July if you celebrate!

18 thoughts on “Holiday Weekends At Their Finest

  1. you had me at donuts, those look amazing! i agree that not all donuts are created equal. Mary looks adorable in her suit, too cute! I remember when James used to call every animal a doggie too 🙂

    • I’m right there with you about donuts and I feel the same way about french fries. Mary was playing with a giant stuffed bear tonight and saying, “Hi!” And then she called him a dog. I love it!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! My husband is from WI so we go there often and eat cheese curds. 🙂 Did you say this was Rock’s first time running with her in the stroller? I would say 90% of my runs happen with the jogging stroller.

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