Less Running and More Drinking: Summer Weather Got To Me

Happy Monday!  That was some crazy weather we had last week.  Here in Chicago, like much of the rest of the country, we had some searing temperatures.  I woke up on Saturday morning and it already felt like 95°F.

I used the weather as an excuse to do a lot less running.  I logged 20 miles between Monday and Sunday, approximately half of my normal mileage.  The miles that I did get in were very slow and sweaty.  It was the perfect time to take some much needed rest from running.  Work has been super busy lately (there are a lot of upcoming races and we are in the peak of training) and life in general is pretty busy.

It is important to remember that running should be fun, and we need to take breaks; even from the things we love the most sometimes.  Coming back fresh and excited helps us to maintain a healthy relationship and avoid becoming stale.  When I did run, my legs felt fresh.  When I wasn’t running, I made sure to do other activities.

I also made a point to hydrate.  During the day, I did some healthy hydrating.  One of my favorite mocktails is also my favorite summer drink.  I am a huge fan of all things LaCroix.  I love their good old standby flavors of grapefruit, lemon, lime, and passion fruit.  I also love their new flavors like cherry lime and cucumber blackberry.  When I finish a long, hot run, I find that it is easier for me to down a glass of sparkly bubbles, than a flat glass of water.


I totally forgot about cherry lime!

My sister-in-law introduced me to a LaCroix mocktail when I was pregnant and I have never looked back.  Minute Maid makes a delicious 15 calorie per serving lemonade.  They also make this in 12 ounce cans at 5 calories per serving.

Pour yourself a glass of sparkling water of your choice and add a splash of the lemonade (or 1/3 a can) and enjoy.  It makes for a perfect post run refresher or a great mocktail anytime during the day or evening.  Go wild and throw a splash of vodka in there for an evening imbibe.  Hey, it works for both night and day!

During the summer months, I love bubbles when cocktail time comes around.  I have a few current favorites.  My longtime go to, has been a sparkling Rose’ from a vineyard in Suttons Bay, Michigan.  L. Mawby only makes sparkling wines and his “Sex” is the perfect summer wine for picnics or late night cocktails.  Plus, who doesn’t like showing up at a party and offering someone a bottle of Sex?!


If you ever get the chance to do some wine touring in Northern Michigan, I highly recommend visiting L. Mawby where you can sit on the back porch with a small tasting plate and a glass of his sparkling wine.  Stop by next door at Big Little and sample their Tire Swing, another of my favorites!  Visit their websites where you can order yourself a bottle of both if you can’t make it to the vineyards.



Finally, the week after Mary was born, I popped into my favorite wine shop, The Bottle Shop.   When the owner found out I had just had a baby, she invited me to the back for a celebratory tasting.  She poured a small glass of her favorite prosecco and added a squeeze of fresh lime.  Cielo comes in at just under $10 a bottle.  It is light and refreshing.  When you add the fresh lime, it gives the prosecco a bit of a sparkling margarita flavor.  It is the perfect summer sparkler.  Cocktails don’t get any easier than this!


The weather is looking cooler this week.  Rest assured I will be running again and back to posting more about summer running tips.  Until then, cheers!

What are your favorite ways to hydrate for real and for fun?  Share your favorite simple cocktail ideas!

14 thoughts on “Less Running and More Drinking: Summer Weather Got To Me

  1. Aside from keeping a water bottle on my desk, I buy a few flavored 1 liter bottles of sparkling water (local store brand) to keep in my desk and drink during the week for a bit of flavor. Water alone I like fine, but to keep extra hydrated I like to mix it up.

    Not too much to offer for cocktails, as I am pretty much happy with a glass of wine year-round … we will have occasional gin & tonics, Lisa likes some vodka drinks (cosmo more for summer, martini in winter), and we will buy some of those frozen pouches of pseudo-magaritas once in a while … but those are really ‘wine coolers in disguise’ and total calorie bombs! So we don’t make it a habit.

    • Summer cocktails are the best. Margaritas are calorie bombs too. It’s probably a good thing because I like them so much I would have one or two daily if I could all summer! I actually crave them during long runs.

  2. I love LaCroix drinks! Anything bubbly, as well as rose are my favorite summer drinks. Stay cool and don’t worry about cutting the mileage when it gets to those dangerously hot temps!

  3. I am a complete grape Propel addict! Plain water is fine but that little kick of sweet definitely takes the flavor up a notch. Lately,as much I love my tequila, I’ve found the Smirnoff Green Apple malted beverage (I have absolutely NO idea what “malted beverage” actually is, lol!), is a nice refresher after a run as well. You just have to be careful because whatever that malted stuff is, it can creep up on you and you never even felt it coming. Oops! :p

  4. Water and more water! I always thought I didn’t like carbonated water but I think I’ll have to try out La Croix to make sure. This summer (and last) is all about Moscow mules – vodka, ginger beer and lime juice in copper mugs. I think it might be a little hipster-y but so good and refreshing.

  5. I’m a fan of orange juice in the summer after runs and workouts. I seem to crave it. Occasionally I add sparkling, fizzy whatever you call it, water to it. I also like lemon kombucha as a pick me up. Those bubbles are alive!

  6. Oddly, I look forward to running on these hot summer days. I know I can’t run as fast but it doesn’t bother me too much. Still . . lots of hydrating before, during, and after.

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