The Lesser Known Benefits Of Running

Hello from Northern Michigan!  Can’t keep up with us?  Neither can we!  In the last week, we have done three trips up to Michigan and back to Chicago.  The good news is that we are here to stay for awhile and have some fun planned adventures in the next few weeks.


Last night as I was enjoying the warm weather and calm lake, I started thinking about the lesser known benefits of running.  Sure you love the sport because it increases your aerobic efficiency, it boosts your metabolism, and it gives you killer calves.  But have you ever considered the other amazing benefits running has to offer?  Let me share:

Pedicures often take far less time compared to the average person.  As I gave myself a quick pedicure last night, I noted that with only 9 nails left, thanks to Grandma’s Marathon, it really does speed up the process.  There are two others that look like they might skip town too.  Soon it will only take about 70% as long!



You never procrastinate when it comes to laundry.  Runners often bring about a “special” funk.  We sweat hard and we stink.  If we let that stuff sit around too long, our friends and partners might not stick around very long themselves.  Laundry is always a top priority for us.

We get every invite to events that involve drinking.  Beer has carbs and we know that carbs are essential to our recovery.  There are very few runners that I know who don’t enjoy a drink or two and blame it on their recovery….or at least casually state that they deserve it because they did 13 miles that morning.


Why have just one when you can try all five?

Because, baby you’re a VIP.  Open the velvet rope and let us in.  Once upon a time I bought so many pairs of running shoes off of, they made me a VIP customer.  Thanks to my incredible shoe purchasing ability, I now get free overnight shipping.  Totally awesome and yet slightly dangerous if you know your credit card number by heart.

Everyone wants directions from you.  How do you get there?  You go two miles down this road and turn right.  Go another two tenths and then turn left.  Your destination will be .35 miles down the road.  How do I know?  I just do.

We are no match for a buffet or an eating challenge.  In fact, post long run, you will find me dining at 5:00pm (and blaming it on our baby) because I have no time for waiting in line to eat somewhere.  This girl gets hungry and she needs to be fed.  This is also why I rarely ever order pizza because I will eat the whole darn thing.  Try and stop me!


That time I told you guys I was pregnant and then at all the paczkis!

See what I mean?!  Running really is quite awesome.  What are your favorite benefits that you reap from the sport?

14 thoughts on “The Lesser Known Benefits Of Running

  1. Haha this was such a fun post. First off, ENJOY that beautiful lake! Secondly, the toe nail thing is so spot on and I’m with you there. I’d say another lesser-known benefit for me of being a runner is that I can show up in workout clothes pretty much anywhere (other than work and weddings) and people are like, oh yeah how’s training going? 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, it totally makes athletic clothes acceptable anywhere. We’ve been organizing and packing lately and I look at my closet and I have some awesome stuff…..that I never wear, because I opt for athletic apparel instead.

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