Weekends, Whirlwinds, and Boxes

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Our past few weeks have been filled with adventures, which lead me to taking a break from blogging last week.  Let me fill you in.

About a year ago, we started talking about looking for a home.  After a few twists, turns, and much discussion we did something I always said we wouldn’t do.  We started looking for a house in the small town in Michigan where I grew up.  It was a slow process.  We looked at dozens of homes over many months, and nothing seemed to be a good fit.  Then in June, we found what we had been searching for.


Mary even got her own little house.  Something for her to grow into.

At the end of July we were in Chicago when we got the call that the house was going to be ours and that we should start packing.  We had one week to box up everything in our possession.  We had originally planned on doing a truck load in early August and then coming back after our family vacation to do a final load.  But when we reserved a U-haul, I noticed that the reservation was for five days.  So we did something crazy.

With the assistance of our family, we loaded up our home and drove the U-haul up to Michigan.  We unloaded it and then drove the five hours back to Chicago the following day.  The next day we loaded it up with every last thing we owned and drove back to Michigan.

Then came the part where my husband and daughter are saints.  We then drove back to Chicago and slept in an empty apartment for a weekend on an air mattress, so that I could take my ACE Health Coach certification exam.  When I sat in that testing room and went to hit the submit button, I was incredibly nervous.  What if we took that trip and stayed in that empty apartment and I had to tell them I failed?!  Fortunately, I passed with flying colors and it was totally worth it.


Those were some sparse accommodations.

For the next two weeks we lived out of suitcases on vacation and then at my parent’s house for another.  A week ago Monday we signed the papers on our house and immediately went to our new home.  We compared paint colors, and spent the next six days painting and prepping.

Yesterday, we finally began unloading all of our stuff and the home began to feel like home.  We still have a lot of work ahead of us.  There are to do lists that run about a mile long.  Fall work in NYC is right around the corner.  We still will be traveling to Chicago monthly to visit family and for work obligations.  And there is still so much to unpack!  But for right now, we are just going to enjoy the view.


How was your weekend?  Any packing/unpacking tips to keep us sane?


11 thoughts on “Weekends, Whirlwinds, and Boxes

  1. Crazy! I personally hate moving … hard to believe we’ve already been here 8 years, and now with both kids in college we’re facing another likely move in a few years (no real reason to stay here). Yuk. So … I guess I don’t have anything helpful? 😀

    Our weekend was moving younger son into Ithaca College in the pouring rain! It was great but sloppy all at once. It was nice having it only be a 45 minute drive from home, unlike next weekend with the 4+ hour drive into Manhattan to bring Thing #1 back to NYU!

    • An empty nest! Oh how scary and awesome all at once. I remember my parents making the trip to NYC to unpack me for college. I was right in the NYU area and it’s crazy. You’re great parents.

  2. Wow, that’s an adventure!
    My family moved from one house to another last year. What seemed to work for my mother was realizing that things were always worse before they were better. As you move from room to room and arrange/rearrange, things end up cutting other rooms that you thought were already done while you get one room done. Room by room is a way to do it, but not the only way.
    The other thing is that it’s okay if it takes more than six months, especially with full time jobs and a young child. Don’t be afraid to take your time, because what you do and how you put things away now is likely how it will until the next big home improvement project.
    Good luck!

  3. I’m so glad that you all found what you wanted, and now have a home base (in order to then move and deal with NYC, lol). But it will be so lovely to have somewhere to go home to! The worst is that in limbo feeling.

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