Friday Fiesta: Quick And Delicious Burrito Bowls

We are mostly unpacked and into our new home.  I love our kitchen and am so excited to start cooking again.  As we have been unpacking while chasing after a toddler, (can you believe she is a toddler?!) I wanted to make our first meal in our new home be both delicious and easy.  You might not find Chipotle up here.  But that’s okay.  I made a super fast (less than 30 minutes from start to finish) and rather inexpensive dinner that the entire family loved.  We have lots of leftovers and that is great because if you read down to the bottom, I will share with you a great and healthy way to use the leftovers in a different way.

As with almost all of my recipes, you can add or skip any of the ingredients.  Follow it loosely, or try it my way once, and then switch it up.  You know I love meat.  But this one could easily be done without.



4 boneless skinless chicken breasts cubed

1 packet of taco seasoning (or make your own)

Olive oil (I used a lemon flavored one that paired super well with the seasoning)

2 cans low sodium black beans (rinsed and drained)

1 can corn (drained)

1 can garbanzo beans

2 jars salsa (any kind you like)

1 can fat free refried beans

1 package microwave brown rice

4 radishes

1 bunch cilantro

Fat free plain yogurt

Shredded cheddar or other cheese



Add your chicken, oil, and taco seasoning to a pan over medium high heat.  Cook until done (approximately 5-7 minutes).  Stir occasionally to make sure the meat is coated with seasoning and cooked thoroughly.

In another pan over medium high heat add your black beans, corn, garbanzo beans, and salsa.  Cook until warm (approximately 5 minutes).


It seriously doesn’t get much easier than this!

Place the refried beans in a bowl and microwave until hot.  Microwave the brown rice.

Clean and slice your radishes and chop the cilantro.

In a bowl, add a layer of brown rice, followed by a layer of refried beans.  Add a layer of the veggie and salsa mixture.  Top with chicken.  Add radishes, cilantro, cheese, and avocado.  Top with a spoonful of yogurt.

This meal couldn’t be easier and there are so many awesome combinations you can create.  Even better, once the meal is done throw the chicken and bean mixture in a container together and refrigerate.

Leftovers!  The next day you can add these to a big bed of mixed greens for a perfect southwest chicken salad.  Throw a little cheese, radish, cilantro, and avocado on top and use salsa as your dressing for a super healthy lunch or dinner.


Healthy Salad Eating Tip:  We all know that salad dressing is loaded with fat and calories.  But if you order a salad with the dressing on the side and chop it up really well first, you need far less dressing to cover the entire salad.  You will still get all of the flavor in every bite and never miss that extra dressing.   Give it a try and you will be amazed at what a difference it can make.

What would you add to your burrito bowl?  How do you feel about a burrito-less burrito bowl?

2 thoughts on “Friday Fiesta: Quick And Delicious Burrito Bowls

  1. Sounds tasty! Congrats on your new home! Cooking in a new kitchen is the best. I always forget radishes exist, but they really do add a nice peppery crunch.

    • I forget about radishes too. But I had the time to really stroll the produce section with Mary and when I saw them, I knew they would be a perfect addition to a Mexican inspired meal.

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