A Perfectly Light Margarita

Last week I left you with a burrito bowl for the weekend.  This time I am leaving you with a perfect cocktail to round out that meal.  This drink has been requested by my husband, myself, and a few family members lately.  It is so easy, simple, and about as light as you can get with a margarita.  I just know you are going to love it!



2 ounces Tequila

1 ounce Triple Sec

Minute Maid 15 calorie lemonade

Lemon or Lime LaCroix (or other sparkling water)


I’m a lazy bartender and that makes things easier for me.  I usually just fill a stemless wineglass with 4-5 cubes of ice.  Then count to four as you pour tequila in (I am a fan of a heavy pour when it comes to any drink).  Add two counts of triple sec.  Or you can simply do 2 parts tequila to 1 part triple sec.  Fill most of the remainder of your glass with lemonade and then add a splash of sparkling water.

The thing I like about this is that you can be your own bartender.  Do you like your margarita with a bit more kick in it?  Add a touch more tequila and go easy on the lemonade.  Prefer a lighter drink?  Go easy on the tequila and add more lemonade and sparkling water.

The sparkling water gives this a crisp and fresh finish.  And the best part is that you are skipping the margarita mix and tossing out all of those extra and unnecessary sugary additives.  You’ll never even notice!

Make it a mock-tail!  I loved this when I was pregnant because I still felt like I was joining in the summer cocktail fun.  In a stemless wine glass add 4-5 ice cubes.  Pour 2/3 lemon or lime sparkling water and then 1/3 lemonade.  It is almost as good as the real thing!



Make it a Michigan Margarita!  Up here in Northwest Michigan we are known for cherries.  You may recall that we ran a race at the National Cherry Festival earlier this summer.  A few years ago we went to the most incredible food and wine pairing at the local culinary school.  Local vineyards brought their wines to be paired with various cuisines with cherry products (our favorite ended up being brats topped with cherry sauerkraut).  One vendor did a Michigan Margarita by adding a splash of Cherry liquer.  It was fantastic and a perfect twist.

What is your favorite drink to play bartender with?

Have a wonderful and safe Labor Day holiday in the U.S. and a great weekend wherever you are!

7 thoughts on “A Perfectly Light Margarita

  1. I am obsessed with La Croix (and currently drinking a strawberry pineapple one as I write this!), and love putting La Croix into cocktails. I’ve recently lightened up Moscow Mules with La Croix by doing a Tito’s + La Croix + splash of Fever ginger beer. I’m not a big tequila girl but this drink sounds nice and light and summery!

    • Oooh, I love your idea. LaCroix is so fun to use in drinks. I too am obsessed with them. Polar water is my fave when I am in NYC. I love the orange vanilla. It’s like drinking a creamsicle!

  2. Personally my drink list is 95% red wine, 3% white wine, 2% beer (approximately, of course). 🙂

    But I love playing bartender for Lisa, who loves martinis and cosmos and on and on. Lately she had a hankering for a Blue Hawaii after getting a mediocre frozen one at TGIFriday. It was a drink she loved on our honeymoon, so we grabbed Blue Curacao and fiddled around with a variety of stuff until we came pretty close. Fun 🙂

    • Oh how fun. This reminds me that we had the best drink in Punta Cana and I might need to see if I can figure out what it was and replicate it. I’m a 95% white wine girl and 5% microbrew beer girl. This margarita kick has been an odd change to the mix. But Rock is enjoying it and so am I!

      • It IS fun to mix it up – we bought some of those cheap frozen pouches this summer and they are a fun frozen drink when it got really hot.

        The challenge for us with replicating is that our honeymoon was nearly a quarter century, so to say our taste-memory is unreliable is an understatement … so it is more just finding what Lisa likes NOW 🙂

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