Well, That Was Fun

Some weekends are better than others. Not all holiday weekends are perfect and some are rather low key for us these days. Labor Day is never one where we make big plans. We had very little on our agenda this weekend and we couldn’t have asked for a greater holiday.

The weekend started with a laugh as I came home from my run. Due to the mass amounts of yard sales, traffic was far busier than normal. I was nervous about this. But everyone slowed way down and most people eagerly waved as they passed. I couldn’t believe how courteous and friendly everyone was. And then I came home and saw just how ridiculous I looked in the mirror. So embarrassing and so funny!

So embarrassing.  I hesitate to share, but apparently I already did with plenty of others!

Saturday we stuck around our house to take care of a few things. Rock went out for a run and I so wish I had a picture of his return. Mary likes to sit in a rocking chair on our front porch and clap for him. But this time I heard several voices chatting as he returned. He came across three girls out doing a training run and did the last bit of his workout with them. This might not be too unusual, but our new spot is in the country and you don’t just come across other runners, let alone a group of ladies.   They all joked that I wouldn’t let him go for a Saturday morning run again.  But I thought it was pretty funny.

I took Mary for a run in the jogging stroller in town. I wasn’t feeling it at first, but when I realized there were yard sales everywhere, our run became a shopping adventure!  I threw some cash in the stroller and we roamed the sales for six miles!

Sunday, we packed our bags and headed out to the lake. The weather was warm and breezy and Mary immediately went for the water. It was our usual day off from running, so we enjoyed splashing in the lake and grilling with the family.


Monday, we stuck around the lake and didn’t leave except to go grab some lunch snacks for a picnic. Mary and the dog played in the water and on the grass. And I managed to get a quick 7 mile run in during her epic two hour nap. I got to finish the run my favorite way, by jumping straight into the lake. It was 73 degrees and the best way to close out our holiday weekend.

We watched everyone pull their docks and boats in and leave the lake. It was very quiet out there last night!

Today we head back home and prepare for our fall sports programs and the last few weeks of training for many of our marathoners. It’s always sad to see summer come to a close. But fall has so many exciting things to offer.

How was your weekend?  Are you training for a fall race?

4 thoughts on “Well, That Was Fun

  1. Great bunch of stories and looks like a fabulous long weekend! I think it is great running into other people – I will see people occasionally but never join up … and it is funny about the ‘young ladies’ – Lisa laughs at how many of my Facebook friends are female running friends .. and the IG selfies all of us do and so on. 🙂

    One of the things that really bugs me about the whole cat-catting thing is that early when I ‘got serious’ about long distance running I was out during the day running and crossed paths with a girl who was a friend of my older son who happened to run track (and whose dad I work with and casually know). The thought of that nice kid the ago of my own kids getting harassed simply ignited my feminist rage! 🙂

    We had a great weekend of empty nesting with each day containing both work and play … and two walk-days in a row with our geriatric dogs (I had to carry the older one for part of one of the walks, but she still loved it!)

    Lisa is pushing me to search and register for a 50 miler for next year – we are definitely embarking on our ‘next phase’ and she knows I have skipped pretty much every race since 2013 due to family conflicts and saving for college, so now she is making sure I put me first. Gotta love that!

    • I love the way you and your wife work together as a team. I smiled that she laughs at the number of female runner friends you have. And that she supports you and knows what your needs are….a great marriage is a team. It’s awesome to see how your family has transitioned over the past few years and continues to grow in such a beautiful way.

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