Boston Bound and Thanks Team!

Friday morning I was standing in line at the bank and happened to peek at my phone and began unconsciously fist pumping.  I stopped myself as soon as I noticed, but I got the e-mail I had been waiting for.  I’m in in for the 2017 Boston Marathon!

I qualified back in May and was somewhat certain that my time would most likely be a guaranteed spot, but it was so nice to see that confirmation e-mail right there in my inbox.  I of course took a screen shot.


The room is booked and plans have tentatively been made.  I spent a lot of Friday thinking about the process of getting this far, 13 months after having our little girl.

It takes a village to be a runner.  It takes a small city to be a mother runner.  It amazes me that for a solo sport, just how much support we require.  I hesitate to even type out this list of thank you’s, because I will most definitely miss someone very important.  If I miss you, please know you weren’t forgotten.  I am so incredibly grateful for every single person who helped me in the past year and at any point during my running.

Before I even get started, I have to say thank you to my husband.  Strike that, I need to shout THANK YOU! to my husband.  There aren’t enough words to explain how grateful I am for this man.  He’s an incredible father and partner.  He will go out of his way to help out with our daughter and to make room for me to get in a run.  Sometimes he amazes me with how well thought out in advance his plans are, so that I can train around our schedules.

Our entire family has also been an awesome support.  I cannot imagine doing all of these crazy things and not having their backing and help.  My mother-in-law  and father-in-law are always so gracious to let us set up shop at their house.  My mother-in-law took care of Mary during a busy Thanksgiving morning so that we could get in a quick turkey trot.  We all know just how hectic holidays can be and carrying around an infant doesn’t make anything easier!

My mom and dad are always offering to watch our daughter during vacation,  training sessions, and even for an entire race weekend.  Whether it be for a 16 mile training run the morning of my brother’s wedding, 18 miles during our spring break in Florida, or for the entire weekend of a race, they never hesitate when we ask for some assistance.  And then they still call to offer and come over so that we can go for a rare run together, just because.

Our wonderful friend Tatiana not only watched Mary every Friday this spring so that I could get my long training runs in, but she also gave up a weekend to come watch our little girl during our race in the Poconos.  We had a blast and I am so glad she was with us.   Having her there with our friends Chantelle and Mike made the weekend even more special.

My awesome friends Amy and Kim in Chicago have always been in love with both our dog and daughter and have helped us out numerous times when we’ve need to fit in long runs, get a dog out for a walk, or watch a little girl when we were in a pinch. Thanks girls.  I miss you both!

Thanks to Stephanie for helping me with parenting questions and sending me delicious and healthy treats.  Just the other day I opened the front door and found a surprise package of That’s It bars.  This girl gets me and I adore her.  Let’s not forget the day she drove all over finding random boxes for our move and then driving out of her way to get them to me.  I had the best 1/2 hour sweating it out in the summer heat, catching up in a parking lot with her!


Awesome girlfriends are so important in our lives.  These ladies are the best!


A huge shout out to Brian Hock of Simple Hydration for bringing me onto his Running Team.  I have had such a wonderful time being a part of this incredibly supportive group.  Having their help and following their progress as they run some of the most impressive races around has been so inspirational.  If you are still looking for a hydration system, I highly recommend checking these water bottles out!



I could never forget the awesome support of my readers/followers.  Thanks for bearing with me, asking questions, and helping keep this blog going.  Your stories, comments, and questions fuel my runs and my drive to become a better runner and coach.  Thanks for sticking with me!  It truly takes an amazing team to keep running.

Who is on your running team?  Isn’t it awesome to sit back and think about just how many people make this sport a reality?


16 thoughts on “Boston Bound and Thanks Team!

  1. I’m so incredibly happy for you!! What an accomplishment and what an inspiration!!

    I would’ve yelped in front of everyone reading that e-mail!! LOL

    My support crew is definitely my husband and mom. Those two….man….I love them so much and there’s absolutely NO WAY I’d be able to do anything running related without them. We are very lucky 🙂

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