Rocking My Rest Day

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was pretty awesome from start to finish.  Saturday morning we snoozed in a little bit (thanks Mary!).  The weather was perfectly cool and crisp with a gray cloud cover.  I threw on some shorts and a light jacket and got a nice long run in.  It was the perfect finish to a really solid running week.  I finished off at 48 miles for the week and was feeling fantastic.

I wanted that last solid run to get me through the weekend because we quickly headed out to pick up Rock from the airport.  He had been out of town for work and I knew that we would be making the most of our weekend.  Mary got all dolled up to see dad in a frilly pink dress and Uggs.  She loves wandering the airport and saying hello to everyone.  She even ran up to a gentleman once and hugged him.  Between her waves and hello’s, she was quite the hit!




As soon as we hit the car I was ready to kick off my weekend.  We stopped for gas station snacks that we typically save for long road trips.  Diet sodas and chips were consumed on the ride home.  We then had a blast playing in our yard.

After Mary went down, Rock and I settled in and watched 2 episodes of Stranger Things.  I am so totally addicted to and freaked out by this show!  It is incredible.  Rock is a huge Steven King fan and has been really enjoying the similarities and crossover between this show and many books.


Sunday was my day off from running and I took that with one hundred percent seriousness.  After a week of really awesome, healthy eating, we threw caution to the wind and started it off by making biscuits.  One thing I learned to love in NYC is bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches.  When I was in college I would get them from a cart on the street corner.  They are one of my favorite splurges.  We also ended up dining on our china because we forgot to turn on the dishwasher the night before and ran out of dishes.  Talk about a fancy breakfast!


We spent the morning out in yard cleaning up leaves and clearing out our barn.  We have a walnut tree in our backyard and the squirrels have been in full destruction mode.  Let me tell you, we are not going to let the squirrels win this battle.  I already woke up one morning to a red squirrel making a home in our garage!!


When Mary went down for her nap it was time for another episode of Stranger Things.  Then we all got busy in the kitchen where Rock made a delicious Italian dinner.  Mary refuses to eat mac and cheese, so I assumed she didn’t like noodles.  But she proved me wrong and had several helpings of spaghetti.  I apparently followed in her footsteps and piled on the pasta.  Carb loading for life?!


Followed dinner up with a little pumpkin carving!

We rounded the evening out with a little football and finished the season of Stranger Things.  I might not be able to sleep for a few weeks.  But it was totally worth it.  If you haven’t watched this yet, I highly recommend.  Very few shows really lure me in, but this was a winner.  Now I can jump into the third season of Transparent, which is my other favorite.

As you know, I am a very active person.  I take my active lifestyle and healthy eating pretty seriously.  But there is also a lot of value in rest days, family days, and days to just enjoy life and food.  Sure it was a day of splurging.  But I knew that by this morning I would be back to my regular breakfast and hitting the pavement.   Enjoying some fun along the way was absolutely worth every moment.


Rest days can be exhausting!

How do you like to spend your days off?  Have you seen Stranger Things?

14 thoughts on “Rocking My Rest Day

  1. Love the pictures of Mary – and I am someone who has always adored kids, so I appreciate all the ‘hellos’ we get from little ones in stores and airports and so on. So glad you had an awesome weekend!

    It is funny – as active people we KNOW how important rest days are both mentally and physically. We KNOW that one meal or a day isn’t going to trash our fitness. And yet, like most all of us have done, your last paragraph comes *this close* to apologizing for having and fully enjoying a rest day. Not quite – and through the rest of the post you make no bones about enjoying it … I was so excited (because I’ve been reading too many ‘I’m SOOOO busy’ gloaters lately) … but the last paragraph was a bit disappointing 🙂 With the awesome weekend you guys had – never apologize for relishing THAT!!

    And Stranger Things … SO loved that show! I love this reference from Vulture that talks about all of the 80s film references (!

    • Ha, I totally get what you are saying. I definitely wasn’t apologizing. I loved having a carefree lazy eating day. I felt I needed to add a small disclaimer and reminder because as a health coach I don’t want to promote everyday unhealthy eating. But I do want to promote that balance. Be active, eat well, and the allow yourself the permission to have lazy and delicious days. It makes them far more enjoyable and well deserved. I was definitely ready to sweat it out today too 😉

      • 🙂

        Totally agree – we had Thing #2 home from college for the weekend and definitely ate more than usual, especially on Sunday … I was totally ready to hit the road this morning!

        Also get what you are saying as a health coach … I know I have said it to friends and colleagues myself a lot in recent years in response to the ‘I’ll start getting healthy ___’ – either tomorrow, Monday, next month, after the holidays, whatever. My reply is that one meal doesn’t mean the day is lost, one day doesn’t mean the week is lost, one week doesn’t mean the month is lost … and we should NEVER cede 1/4th of the year to an ‘oh well, it’s the holidays’ mentality!

  2. This looks like such a wonderful weekend! Mary has such a great smile. 🙂
    Question about Stranger Things, is it scary? Because I’ve been curious, but I can’t deal with scary…

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