Legend Compression Wear & Special Discount!

A few weeks ago I was asked by Legend Compression Wear to give their products a try.  They were kind enough to not only send me their product but also plenty of information about who they are and what they are trying to achieve.


I am a huge fan of compression gear.   You will notice that I don’t do a lot of reviews and giveaways on my blog.  While I love the opportunity to try new products, I don’t want my readers to feel like I use this place as a chance to get freebies.  I care about my readers and hope you feel that you can come here for trusted advice and occasional amusement.  When I do choose to review products you will see that the opinions are always my own and I review products that I hope you will also find helpful.

As a runner and running coach, I love compression gear.  They can be a useful tool during marathon or any endurance race training cycle.  They can aid in speed up recovery and keep your legs feeling fresh.  They can also be incredibly comforting and assist with minor injuries such as tendinitis.  Compression sleeves and socks can also be super helpful with shin splints and muscle cramping.

I usually wait to wear my compression gear after a run.  As I mentioned before, they do help speed up recovery.  They also can decrease soreness and swelling, and speed up muscle repair.

I also love wearing compression gear in the fall when the weather gets just cool enough that I am not sure whether to wear shorts or tights.  Throw on a set of compression sleeves for just a little bit more coverage.


What I love about Legend Compression Wear:  This gear was created by a medical professional with medical grade material.  We are talking about thoughtfully made and high quality products.  My sleeves fit like a glove with just enough compression to feel amazing after a run but not so tight that I feel like I am being squeezed.  They are thin enough that you can put them on under pants and never be detected.

They offer compression sleeves, socks, and recovery sleeves.  They also have compression socks for golfers and Legend Tuff merino wool socks for hiking and outdoors.


Why you might love Legend Compression Wear:  As an ambassador I am excited to share my Refer a Friend discount with you!  Enjoy $15 off your purchase with this link.  All pink compression is also 25% this month for Breast Cancer Awareness.


My legs felt so great after this weekend’s 10 miler!  Thanks #BeaLEGEND

Do you like to wear compression gear?  Are you a during or after compression fan?

11 thoughts on “Legend Compression Wear & Special Discount!

  1. Cool.

    I only like wearing compression gear when I have plantar fasciitis because I find the extra support in the foot helpful or when it’s cold and I need another layer. I find that it doesn’t do anything for me in terms of recovery.

    I know some people love wearing them while running. I don’t know how they do it in the summer. I get hot just looking at them!

  2. Yeah – compressions socks I only wore starting last week, and since this week has had all mornings above 55F … back to thin no-shows! I only wear ‘during’.

  3. I am a 58 year old runner with some nasty varicose veins. My tall compression socks do a wonderful job of covering up those unsightly veins, plus they really seem to help with leg fatigue and recovery!

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