A Week In NYC

Hello from New York City!  I am wrapping up a week long work trip.  This was one really fun, hard working, and difficult week.  Let me fill you in.


As you might recall, my trip started off with a pretty special bang when I got to sit next to the seat mate from hell on my flight out here.  Fortunately, that was the worst part and things got much better.

Rock was already out here and it was so great to see him when I arrived on Friday.  There was a warm front about to leave the area and we enjoyed a lovely evening wandering Astoria, Queens where he had been staying.  The hardest part of my trip would be leaving Mary at home with my parents.  I knew she was in great hands, but we love doing things as a family.

However, it was pretty awesome to sit down to a sushi feast for dinner, just Rock and I.  It was our first date night since last winter when we went to see the Nutcracker.  While we missed Mary, it was really nice to spend time together.

I started working immediately over the weekend coaching athletes.  This week was early up and late to arrive back home, filled with lessons and appointments.  It’s just the way a coach likes to travel!

On Sunday I had the chance to run two laps around Central Park after work.  If you’ve never had the chance to run the park, you might be surprised to see that it is actually quite hilly.  The entire loop is almost exactly 6 miles of rolling hills with a few challenging ones on the Upper East Side and at the top near Harlem.  Being the weekend, the park was packed.  Many companies have started renting out bicycles to tourists and the park is now filled with people weaving in and out of the bike lanes.  I witnessed three bike accidents as they occurred.  It was frightening and I decided that I would no longer run Central Park on the weekends or when it is busy.  It just isn’t worth it.


See those flashing lights behind me?  Ambulances just waiting to come in.

The entire week was filled with skating lessons at the rink in Central Park and lessons with clients off of the ice.  It was busy and most nights we didn’t arrive home until 9:30pm.  I even skipped several runs during the week because there just wasn’t enough time.  If you know anything about me, I rarely skip a run.


Learning how to string a hockey net.


My biggest Rainbow Loom project ever!

One thing I didn’t skip out on was eating.  I had a blast stuffing my face over the past few days.  We had the most incredible pizza in Astoria at a place called Artichoke.  I had the meatball parmesan and signature Artichoke slices.  It was essentially artichoke dip and cheese on a thick slab of pizza.  Sinful and awesome all at once!

Let me be the first to say that NYC and Chicago pizzas are so different and yet both so incredibly delicious in their own ways!



Fall in NYC is one of my favorite times.  The crisp cool air and changing colors are perfect.  Summer tourism has calmed down and the city becomes a bit more relaxed.  The looming holiday season also has everyone in a perfect mood.

My trip has me so excited for all of my runners and friends who are doing the New York City Marathon very soon.  I saw the crew out setting up the bleachers for the finish line across from Tavern on the Green.  So exciting!

There’s a part of me that is sad to leave tomorrow.  But I am so looking forward to snuggles with my little girl soon!

FYI to all NYC Marathoners:  Go downstairs in the Plaza Hotel and check out the Todd English Food Hall.  While you can sit down and have an amazing lunch or dinner here.  There are also so many great little eateries inside to check out.  From a delicious lobster roll or sushi to incredible baked goods and macarons; there is something for every hungry belly here.  This place is amazing!

Have you ever been to NYC?  Do you love fall?

22 thoughts on “A Week In NYC

  1. I ran my first race in central park in June and was so surprised by the hills. It was TOUGH! It’s a great place to train though, provided you can avoid all the crowds.
    Anyone heading to NYC soon should also check out the holiday shops at bryant park, my favorite spot for some holiday cheer.
    Glad you had a good trip once the flight ended 🙂 (that story was horrible, i’m not sure what I would have done)

  2. So glad that after that abysmal start you had a great week! Sounds busy – and while I know you miss Mary, don’t ever apologize for relishing time spent on your marriage … it is really important! We had very few opportunities (basically no family support, not great luck with babysitters) when the kids were little, so we had to figure out our own path …

    Funny that we were in NYC at the same time – I find with most friends I end up offset by a week or so, in fact an old college friend was arriving on Sunday after we had already headed out! Always hard to catch up with people!

    • So true about not apologizing. We are both here working to help our family. And it has been wonderful spending time with my husband, like old times. We work so well together and that is always a great reminder. We are so blessed to have family that is so willing to step in and help.

  3. I love running the Central Park hills just because it took me a long time to build up to them. While there’s nothing wrong with walk breaks, running them feels so good. Central Park is a different place on a weekday when it can almost feel like you have a whole stretch all to yourself. Weekends are a different story! Last weekend we drove up to Storm King Mountain and did this awesome hike (highly recommended if you haven’t checked it out): http://www.nynjtc.org/hike/butter-hillstillmanbluebird-trail-loop-route-9w.

    You’re so right about NYC and Chicago having very different, equally tasty pizza! Hope you guys have a fun Halloween weekend with the little one!

  4. I would LOVE to run around Central Park! Bucket list item for sure. Sounds like a super busy week for you. Safe travels home.

    PS…sent you a PM on FB, but it may have gone to that review folder. Have some running questions for you.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Happy to hear that the week has turned around! And I think you earned that pizza, and um yummmm. It would kill me, but that would have been the stuff of my childhood dreams!
    Fall in NYC is perhaps my most favorite fall that I have lived through. I used to love running through the parks watching kids play with their parents (soccer and all that)!

  6. I get you with tourists and bikes. My gym’s by the main tourist beach here and one reason why I stopped going to the gym on a Saturday was the amount of tourists not looking where they’re going, parading and blocking cycle space (it’s my fault if I hit them cycling even if they’re oblivious to cyclists. If they’re deaf or blind that’s different!). So many companies rent out bikes, the council placed wardens this year stopping them cycling along the promenade and making them take bike lanes. I don’t mind tourist cyclists so much. They’re getting exercise sightseeing. It’s the motorised scooters that I don’t like. The riders don’t care what’s in their way and go so fast you don’t know which way they’re gonna go. I smile inside when scooter’s battery’s slowly dying on their return trip. And those wardens and police stop them for speeding! I’m so bad (insert evil laugh!)!
    I’ve only been to NY once one year in February. F’ing freezing!!! Hope your runners have fun running the marathon!

    • February in NYC might have been the worst time ever to visit. So cold! Runner safety is my biggest concern. I usually get annoyed by cyclists racing through the park. This time around I was scared for the tourists who really had no idea what they were supposed to do. It can get scary.

  7. To answer both of your closing questions: Yes and Yes!!! So glad, after a rough start (we’ve all been there), you enjoyed yourself. We moved out to NYC after we realized we were visiting so many times each year it was silly to live anywhere else. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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