Life Lately

Hello!  Given the craziness that is going on these days with elections and marathons and all that nutty stuff; I opted for a little lighter post today.  I’m going to take a quick moment to catch up on what is going on in life lately.

I had the most amazing week hanging out with Rock in NYC.  We had a blast working our tails off and eating plenty of delicious food.  I even took a nice break from running.  I will have another post about this soon, but that hiatus and alternative active time left me refreshed and feeling great.  My mileage is back up and my pace is working wonderfully for me.  I’ve noticed that my stride is starting to get back into that great place it was at back when I was near the end of my training for the Poconos Marathon.


My last morning in NYC. How about that for an office?!

When I returned to Michigan, it was so wonderful to see my Mary again.  But the reality of home ownership quickly settled in.  We have a great backyard with a gorgeous black walnut tree right off of our kitchen and deck.  I quickly fell in love with this tree and for a long time, I was collecting the nuts and harvesting them.


If you are not familiar, walnuts are encased in a green hull that has a lovely, almost citrus fragrance.  However, looks and scents are deceiving.  If you touch the flesh of the husk with your fingers, they immediately turn black for days.  Therefore, I had to collect the nuts when they fell before Mary could get her hands on them and then harvest them while she was napping.

Harvesting these things requires running over them in the driveway with our car and then peeling the husks back and  drying the shell.  It is definitely a labor of love.

Imagine my horror when I came home to a yard full of walnuts!  My first day back, I picked up over 4,500 walnuts and dumped them behind our barn for the squirrels to forage for winter.  The problem with having a smart little toddler is that she once saw me picking these up and now grabs them herself.  Nothing like explaining to daycare why her fingers are all black!


That’s over 4,000 walnuts!

One thing that I am super excited about is that I got an interview at the local YMCA in Traverse City.  I was online earlier this fall and saw that they were hiring a Health and Wellness Coach.  I applied and was thrilled to get a call a few weeks ago asking if I would come in for an interview.  Um, of course!  The interview was great and I left not only as a Health and Wellness Coach but was also asked to be a Personal Trainer.

I am so excited because this facility is practically brand new and has a few great locations in the area with over 10,000 members.  Working in a space full of wonderful people and incredible equipment is pretty awesome!  I have had a blast meeting with new members and getting them started on their path to a healthy lifestyle.

We spent Sunday glued to my phone tracking a few runners at the NYC Marathon.  Marathon weekends are always exciting events with us.  The season isn’t over yet with a few more races and runners in the next couple of weeks.  It’s always running season in our house!

I of course made it to the polls and did it Coach Sarah style.  I ran to and from the polls.  You have to love small town living when you walk inside and half the people know you and tease you for getting a run in despite the rain.  Happy to say I voted!


We finished yesterday off with Mary’s swim class and then Subway for a lazy dinner.  We all hung out and watched the news for a bit and then some snuggles.  Life is good these days when we are all snuggled up together as a family!


Did you run to the polls?  How about a fun life update?


12 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. I went nut gathering with my family and some family friends when I was little a couple of times. It was fun looking for various different kinds of nuts under the leaves. It was like a treasure hunt! We gathered way more than we can eat, so we ended up throwing most of them away. I loved the experience of running around and screaming with delight whenever a nut was found, and then eating a wonderful BBQ meal (Korean, of course) famished from all the running and topping it off with roasting marshmallows over the dying coals.

  2. Lisa was off from work, so I came home for lunch and we hit the polls and then had a wonderful lunch at a local diner. It was great, regardless of my feelings about the outcomes.

    Also yesterday we had a ‘visitor’ – the dog from next door broke out of his enclosure and came to our house (we think he was scared by the heavy equipment at the house on the other side. So when I came home we had three dogs rambling around in our kitchen, and he was just so full of love. We put him back and straightened out the enclosure … but after lunch and voting he was out again! So I worked more on realigning the enclosure and then used bungee cords to secure it … he stayed in the rest of the day and we talked with the owner when she got home. 🙂

    • What a lovely visitor! That sounds so cute. I saw the pics of your date at the diner. I love that you two were able to go together and then make a date of it. Sounds like something we would do.

  3. Thanks for the lighter post (it made me smile) and congrats on the new gig! My sister was a swim coach/lifeguard at a YMCA and she absolutely enjoyed everything about working there.

    Runs are getting longer and longer these days. I love love love cold weather running.

    • Thank you so much. I’m excited to have another job in a health related field. Don’t get me wrong…. I don’t like winter running. But this temp right now, I could do this all of the time. Crisp running is the best!

  4. Congrats on the new position! That is fantastic, and of COURSE you got them both. We definitely needed some happiness and light today, that is for sure!
    Holy, nuts. Good grief. And they turn your hands black? Well, that is just annoying.

    • Thank you. It’s nice to have a little something to do around here and you know how we will like the health and wellness world! The walnuts are so awesome, but quite the discovery with the black hands.

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