Topsy Turvy Weekend Weather

Happy Monday!  I am coming off of an adventurous weekend of great workouts, wild weather, and family time.

Last week the weather went from cool-ish to surprisingly warm.  I had to work all day on Friday so I took advantage of a marvelously warm Thursday and got a great 10 mile run in.  On Friday I woke up to incredible temperatures and sunshine.  I was so envious that I would be stuck inside the gym all day.

I dropped Mary off at daycare and then took off for Traverse City, hoping to get a little Christmas shopping in before I had to go to work.  When I rushed into work an hour later, I was met with some surprised looks.  I checked the schedule and realized that I was supposed to work the full day Saturday and not Friday.  Feeling foolish, I headed back home.  I was thrilled to have an afternoon to go for a warm weather run, but annoyed that I drove the hour over and back for no reason.

It felt just heavenly to throw on a pair of shorts and my Simple Hydration Run Team tank, and crank out 8 speedy miles.  The temps were in the low 70’s, which I think is just perfect for a run.  I finished sweaty and ready to pick up Mary.


By the time we woke up on Saturday it was rainy and light snow flakes had started showing up on our deck.  I kissed the family goodbye and drove back to work again, this time for the correct shift!

I was the only person on the fitness floor for the day and there were no managers on duty. I met with several new clients and got them started.   Since I would be closing for the day, I thought it would be great to stay busy and have the gym totally prepped for Sunday morning.


Meanwhile, Mary and Louie watched the snow coming down.

As you might imagine, I don’t sit still well.  I decided that I would refill all of the bottles to clean the machines and equipment.  During my training I briefly learned how to use the refill machine.  I was certain I could do it.  As I held the bottle and cranked the water, I waited and waited for the first bottle to fill up.  I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working.  It took me a minute to stop the faucet and when I looked down, I realized a hose had become detached and all of the disinfectant was pouring onto the floor.

Fortunately, I am in charge of the gym towel supply, which means I had plenty of access to drying materials.  I then had to do the embarrassing walk of shame across the fitness floor with wet foot prints to grab those towels.  Anyone that I passed knew something was going on because wet shoes are a big no-no in a fitness facility.  I should have taken a picture as evidence, but I was trying to quickly forget this slip up!

The rest of the day flew by and at 6:00pm, I helped close the facility.  That was when I was met with an epic snow storm.  It had been brewing all day and had quickly turned into what looked like a blizzard.  My car was covered in snow and winds were blowing at 30 miles an hour with 50 mile gusts.

The drive home was the scariest I have ever done on my own.  Wind was swirling in circles from every direction.  Visibility was incredibly low.  Had I not grown up in the area, I would not have known where I was driving at times.  My car barely made it up a few different hills and slid around intersections.  I saw dozens of accidents and cars in ditches along the way.  My windshield fogged up at one point because I was clenching the steering wheel and had my face so close to the window.

An hour and a half later, I arrived home safely……and got the car stuck in the driveway.  We left it there and I scarfed down pizza with the family, until the lights flickered and then went out.


We spent the rest of the evening gathering blankets, flashlights, and candles.  We brought the Bjorn sleeper into our room and had Mary sleep there so we could be near her.  We gathered snow in buckets, hoping we could melt it to flush toilets.  And we sat at the window and watched the storm brew and cars slowly putter by.

Power did get restored.  Rock got the chance to use our new snow blower, and after about 30 minutes he dug the car out of 10 inches.  By noon on Sunday we had pulled ourselves together and made our way off to visit family in Chicago.  It appears that fall was toying with us last week and winter has decided to pay a visit to remind us who is boss.

Did you get snow this weekend?  Do you prefer warm or chilly runs?

9 thoughts on “Topsy Turvy Weekend Weather

  1. The change in weather this weekend was amazing. Saturday was a lovely balmy day (for November) of high 50s/low 60s and Sunday turned downright nippy with 39 degrees and fierce wind. No snow in the city, but there was some light snow out on LI overnight.

  2. It doesn’t snow here in Charleston, but on Saturday we experienced all 3 seasons in one day! Felt like Fall that morning, summer that afternoon, then that night a cold front blew it and cooled things down like 30 degrees! Craziness.

    Glad you had a great run in a tank top (hooray) but you were safe driving in all that snow. I’m glad work is going well too and you got the shift time thing straight.

  3. GAH the change was so quick! I ran in sleeveless and shorts on Friday and was freezing by that night. And then the next morning was about digging up my stuff, and realizing I’m missing one of my pairs of tights and one of my favorite gloves…

  4. The temps have gone back to 17-18C this week in Barcelona but with rain! The autumnal evening chill’s been replaced with a warm wind. But it’s usual for this time of year. Cold cold weather doesn’t usually set in until January. Snow always looks pretty, but I don’t envy you!

  5. Crazy weather! It seems like that’s happening all over the place. We don’t have enough snow to ski or snowshoe in yet so I’m very disappointed. I honestly like all temperatures for running as it keeps it interesting. Winter running especially. It always takes me a bit to figure out the layers again once we get below zero.

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