It’s The Holiday Season aka Post Thanksgiving

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone in the U.S. enjoyed a festive and delicious Thanksgiving.  Our family had a wonderful time.  Last Sunday we started things off by leaving the 11 inches of snow we got the night before and headed to Chicago.

It had been a little while since we had moved, and it felt so great to be back and see our family and friends. We tried to pack as much as we possibly could into a week and I think we did so with great success.

Mary got the chance to go play with some kids and she clearly had a blast “at school.”

Tuesday night I went out for a rare girls night out back in my old neighborhood.  I arrived early for dinner and did a tour of my favorite grocery store, Mariano’s.  I love the openness of this store, the multiple bars, carts with wine glass holders, and the incredibly affordable selection.  The whole night was a blogging fail because I didn’t take a single picture but you will have to trust me that everything was just what I loved.

Next, I walked by our old apartment.  I couldn’t see in, but it felt nice just to walk by.  This was where Rock and I first lived as a married couple.  It was our first real adult home.  It was where we brought home our dog Louie.  And it was where we brought our baby home.

I then met my friends Kim and Jennifer for sushi at our favorite spot, Fin, in Ravenswood.  I love that Chicago has so many BYOB establishments.  Fin has some of the best sushi I have had and their prices are fantastic.  They offer some really creative rolls and other delicious options.  In the summer they have awesome outdoor seating and lounge chairs with fun ambient lighting.  Kim and Jennifer got a sneak peek into just how much sushi I tend to scarf down. One time when we are at Fin after a long run, a woman gasped to the man at her table as our plates were laid down, “Did you see how many rolls they ordered?!”  #runnerproblems

I may not have taken any pictures of us but I managed to run into Kim again the following night when she brought Mary this awesome Blackhawks hat.  She gets a kick out of the fact that I am a Red Wings fan and loves steering Mary towards her team.  You have to admit that the hat is adorable!

On Thursday we ran our annual North Shore Turkey Trot up in Highland Park.  We have done this race now for 3 years and each year we seem to recruit another family member to join us.  It is a fun family tradition and a great way to come back home and eat all of the food without the guilt (or at least a little less).

I didn’t really get the chance to truly train for this race.  I have had more a lackadaisical approach to my running since my last marathon.  Between moving, starting a new job, and pushing a baby in the jogging stroller, runs are more just a part of my daily routine.

But I was feeling good and gave myself a little extra push for this race.  The night before I created a race specific playlist and threw some songs on it that had great BPM’s to allow myself to push the pace a bit.

Without pushing too hard and ensuring that I still had an enjoyable race, I was able to manage a 10k PR, 3rd place in my age group, and a 78th overall finish.  I was really excited with this run, and thrilled to then enjoy the holiday spread.


All dressed up for Turkey Day!

We rounded the week out with some great family time.  Rock’s high school hockey team hosts an annual Thanksgiving tournament and we were able to check out a few of their games.  Mary loves hockey and we found out that she also loves popcorn!  She is truly becoming a little rink rat.  I have a feeling she will be wearing skates before we know it.



Thanksgiving is a really special holiday and we had a wonderful time enjoying it with family and friends.  Now I can turn on the holiday music without any guilt and start pulling out the decorations!

How was your Thanksgiving.  Have you started decorating for the holidays?


6 thoughts on “It’s The Holiday Season aka Post Thanksgiving

  1. I wish we could just have Thanksgiving part 2 instead of Christmas! I love love love Thanksgiving. I never want it to end. Mary in that hat is hilarious. That beak…. HAhahahahahaha

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! We had a great Thanksgiving – had my brother here with his kids, which was nice but at the same time made the time with OUR kids even more limited!

    And we did decorate – I chose to get the outside lights up on Saturday since it was ~40 degrees, and we did the tree on Sunday morning so we could all do it together!

    • Oh how fun that you could do it with your family! Extended family time is fun, but I absolutely understand. It goes so fast and there are so many things you want to do with your own camp!

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