Simple Ways To Enjoy The Holidays

It’s no lie that I love the holiday season.  If you were around a few weeks ago, you know that I had to exhibit some serious restraint in the holiday section of Ikea.  I love baking, gifting, and making things to share with others.


I see the holiday season as a wonderful time to put up some lights, decorate the house, and a perfect excuse to bake treats for friends and family.  I love making things for others, as you noticed in my DIY coaster project.  Mary has also been making gifts for friends and family because I think it is never too early to share the giving part of the holiday spirit.

However, I do acknowledge that for many the holiday season can be quite difficult.  With the recent passing of a few of our beloved family members, I know that many people experience loss and sadness.  People feel alone.

Times are difficult for many.  Finding the resources to provide for family and share gifts can be a difficult and stressful time.

Others struggle with balance and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  This can weigh heavily on our minds.  As we experience office and family parties and are often gifted delicious treats, it can be overwhelming.

Below are a few ideas for finding balance during the holiday season:

Sometimes the best things are the littlest things:  I love that first section of Target.  Last year I found the most adorable mini cake platters for $3.  I made fudge and other goodies for family members.  One year I utilized my mediocre knitting talent to make small gifts.

This year I collected walnuts from our giant tree.  I have been slowly baking treats and freezing them. I also made coasters for my clients.  Mary decorated baked ornaments to gift to family.


I found some really great gift ideas from fellow bloggers and even found a few used items on Amazon!  The gift itself is really thoughtful and the recipient will never even notice that it is used.  They will just be surprised by the idea.

Sharing and volunteering can be so helpful when we are at our lowest:  The greatest gift you can ever give to others and to yourself is sharing the holiday season with someone who needs assistance.  This doesn’t mean you need to shell out money.  I recently read a friend’s Facebook post seeking volunteers to help with feeding the homeless for a holiday dinner.  She mentioned that they have a wonderful homeless community and that being a server would be one of the most rewarding opportunities you might have.  Being able to share your gifts or talents with those who need help can be a very special experience.  If you are feeling alone or down this holiday season, this can be a great way to bring some warmth into your heart.


Rock is getting into the holiday spirit as a snowman artist!


Food should never make you feel bad about yourself:  I had the most wonderful discussion with a client the other night.  At one point during our discussion we both had an “Aha moment.”  The holiday season is an epic time for eating.  There are parties and goodies in the office.  Friends are gifting treats.

We are going to find ourselves eating too much.  We are likely going to eat more decadent things at a meal or two than we normally would.  But here is the deal: You should never feel guilty or bad about yourself because of what you eat.  Food is a wonderful part of our lives.  It is a part of our culture, our families, our socialization, and who we are.

Just as we find a balance with everything else during the holiday season, it is important to find that balance with eating and exercise.  Step into your week prepared.  If you know that there will be an office party after work, try to get a walk or a workout in during lunch.


It’s okay.  This is how I tend to eat pizza.  #scaryscenario

If you find yourself at a buffet, stick to a one plate rule.

If you are meeting a group at a restaurant, check out their menu ahead of time and stick to a plan when you walk in.

Life is meant to be enjoyed.  Find little ways to indulge and enjoy yourself.  Look for ways to stay active during the day.  Don’t ever beat yourself up over what you do or choose to eat.  The holidays are meant to be enjoyed.

Everything in life is about moderation from our holiday shopping to our holiday eating.

How do you try to find balance?  What do you enjoy most about the holiday season?


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