Sun’s Out, Run’s Out

This past weekend brought a heatwave to Northern Michigan and much of the country.  We went from lots of snow and 20 degree temperatures to mid and upper 40’s.  After dreary and cold days, it felt amazing to see the sun shining and the snow melting.

I woke up with a bit more energy.  I felt happier and was also much more motivated.  I met with several clients over the weekend and they all mentioned that they felt so much better.  There was more motivation to get to the gym and they were happier in general.


I felt like this all weekend!

Now, I’m not going to say that the groundhog was wrong.  Having grown up in the Midwest, I know that Mother Nature is just giving us a brief reprieve.  We can easily still get dustings of snow into the middle of May. But spring has started to show a little hint of itself and it feels great.

One of the most difficult parts of winter is the shorter and much colder days.  Even our dog doesn’t get outside as much.  It is very difficult to go for walks when your face freezes and the ground is covered in snow and ice.  We naturally start spending more time inside and less time being active.  Even as a runner, my step count isn’t nearly as high during the winter months. The cold weather and darker days also tend to make us want to hibernate.  It is much easier to curl up under a blanket on the couch with the family.


When the sun starts peeking out from it’s winter hibernation, it is a great reminder that it is time to dust off those walking/running shoes.  Throw on some rain boots and walk around in the melting puddles left from the snow piles.  Take the kids out to make one last snowman.  Find some cleared sidewalks and join the family for a walk.  Yesterday we took two family walks.  Both times we finished by letting Mary splash in puddles until it was time to strip down and change clothes.  All of us had a blast playing in the melted snow.

The weather is getting a touch warmer and that can feel absolutely awesome.  Step outside at lunch and walk for a few blocks.  The fresh air and sunlight will wake you up and leave you feeling more motivated for the rest of the day.

The sun is setting later.  I love when this happens.  On my drive home the other night, I noticed that it was almost 7:00pm when the sun finally set.  Take advantage of this.  Even if you get outside for the last 5 minutes of the evening, just run around in the yard.  Throw a ball with the kids or a friend in your driveway.


That’s what I’m afraid of…..

It has been a long winter.  Let’s take advantage of every bright and sunny or warm day.  Find some time to enjoy a few extra minutes outside.  Breathe in the fresh air.  Move a little bit more.  You will soon notice that everything starts to feel a bit better and you will set the tone for an active spring and summer season!

Did you enjoy the weather this weekend?  Were you able to get outside for a bit?

11 thoughts on “Sun’s Out, Run’s Out

  1. It was awesome outside this weekend, but I didn’t get out as much as I would have liked … but on the flip side that was because we had the boys home and that made for a busy weekend! Oh well … as you say the longer days and higher temperatures are definitely impacting people’s moods in a good way! (Though for us it was dark by ~6:30 last night!)

    My run on Saturday was a mess – it was 20F when I started and nearly 55 when I finished! Impossible to dress for that! So I was sweltering by the end … oh well 🙂

  2. The weather was absolutely beautiful this weekend. It felt so perfect to get in my long run. Totally resonate with the sound of music meme!!

  3. i can’t complain about being buried in snow, had a glorious sunny lunchtime run on the trail on Friday but Saturday and Sunday were drenchers, cold steady rain, except when it rained hard 🙂 but at least i was able to run outside which is so nice as most of my weekday runs are on the mill.

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