Weekends Are For Running And Chocolate

Happy Monday and Happy May!  Here’s hoping that those April showers are a thing of the past now.  We had some rather rainy and muggy weather here this past week.  However, on Friday everything made a change for the better and we had two lovely days in the 80’s with sunshine too.

I was lucky enough on Friday to snag an hour to get a hilly 7 mile run in during the afternoon.  I was a little nervous about running in the heat, but ended up having a really great sweaty run.


Saturday we got up as a family and made sure we first enjoyed some NY bagels and cream cheese.  This has become my weekend routine and I am really loving this one.  It’s all for the baby, of course!

Then we headed out as a family and got a great 8 miles in together.  Mary loves going over to Randall’s Island and checking out all of the other runners, dogs, and boats along the way.  The island is always packed on the weekends with soccer, lacrosse, rugby, and cricket games.  There is plenty to keep her occupied over there.  We even spotted a few of our students playing in lacrosse games and had a chance to stop and cheer.


Post run refreshments.  Someone also enjoys my pregnancy cravings!

Mary and I went down for afternoon naps and Rock left to teach lessons in the park.  He texted me and requested that we meet him at the end of his last lesson because his students had an Easter present for Mary.  He said it was a huge chocolate bunny.

I thought maybe it was one of the big bunnies you see at the drug store, but when we arrived, even I was blown away.  This bunny was almost as big as Mary!  She immediately gave it a hug and proceeded to semi-decapitate the poor guy.  Nothing like leaving a ton of chocolate in front of a pregnant woman to test her self control!



Our freezer looks like a hare-y crime scene!

The weather was a tad cooler on Sunday but that didn’t stop us from taking a long walk on the East River (after more bagels of course).  We stopped in our old neighborhood to do some shopping at Target and then ended up at the playground.  The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying more delicious food and family playtime in the park.

I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled that it is May.  I love spring and summer and can’t wait to see the warmer temps headed our way.  Beach time and summer runs are the best!

Any weekend highlights for you?

17 thoughts on “Weekends Are For Running And Chocolate

  1. That bunny is huge! And the head in the freezer just looks so creepy. But I bet he tasted good… ;).

    I am excited for beach days but not summer running because it gets insanely hot here. Still, I know it makes for faster times each Fall so I deal with it, happily. I love good bagels and cream cheese, but good bagels are hard to find in the South!

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend! Post-run bagels are the best. And you know life’s good when there’s a bunny head in your freezer.

    I’m ignoring the heat by distracting myself with more scenic/breezier runs along the Brooklyn piers. This weekend we saw the best running shirt. It said – After this we’re eating tacos.

    • I’m seriously going to need to get that shirt for one of my clients! Breezy runs along the water are nice. There is a great stretch along 96th and the East River that always is cooler. It’s nice to look forward to on a hot day, even if you are running along the East River 😉

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