29 Weeks Pregnant, Awesome Running, & An Identity Crisis

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great week and weekend.  We had less than stellar weather around here, but we made the best of it.  Summer has been flying by with lots of work and tons of family activities.  I honestly hate to see it going by so quickly, but we are certainly trying to enjoy every moment.

This weekend marked 29 weeks in my pregnancy.  I’m feeling pretty great for the most part.  I had a fantastic week of running and logged 42 miles.  I was pretty excited about that.  The only bummer is that I have moved most of my runs to the treadmill at this point because of my frequent need to make a run to the bathroom.  Fortunately, we have a treadmill at home and I am able to run at the gym at work during my breaks.  Despite my growing belly, I am still feeling pretty good at this point.


Now that we are into the third trimester I am definitely starting to notice some changes.  I am getting tired more often and try to grab a nap whenever I get a chance.  My belly is certainly getting bigger and my running is starting to slow just a little bit.

However, on Friday morning when I left to go run some errands I was hit with a major hungry belly.  This hasn’t really happened to me and I haven’t had any cravings at all during this pregnancy.  I was going to be on the road for a bit and my urgency for food took me through the Burger King drive-thru.  I never eat fast food.  To top it off, as soon as I got my bag of food, I drove off and later realized I left without my change.  I was that hungry.  My breakfast sandwich was delicious but I did wonder what was happening to me with my bizarre urgency for fast food!

Beyond that, I do have to say that pregnancy brain is a real thing.  I am a list maker.  I live by lists and sticky notes.  But now, more than ever, I rely on these lists to keep my life in order. I can’t recall a darn thing I say I will do or have planned.  Last week at work I was making an appointment for a client and quoted them a time that I thought they gave me.  The client laughed and said we hadn’t yet discussed a time but the one I gave them would work.  I felt a bit foolish but she said she was an OB and knew what was going on.

When I got home from work that night I pulled in and thought I closed the garage door.  Later in the evening when Rock went to take the dog out, he asked why both garage doors were open.  Apparently I opened the other door instead of closing the one I parked at.  Doh!

Besides work and running, we have been spending a lot of time as a family doing fun activities.  We hit up a great charity event last week and I scored some awesome silent auction items.  I had a brilliant idea to put Rock’s name on the items I bid on so that he would have to pay for them.  But he had to run an errand when they announced the winner and I was left forking over the cash.  He made a point to snap a pic of me with one of my winnings.


We also got to spend an evening with my family out on Torch Lake.  If you have never heard of this lake, I encourage you to Google it.  Torch Lake is huge and has a beautiful sandbar right in the middle where you can park your boat and play.  The water is crystal clear with colors reminiscent of the Caribbean.  You can rent a SUP on the sandbar, even get a burger from a boat that grills right there, or call and have a pizza delivered from nearby.  It’s a boater’s/pregnant woman’s paradise.


Life may be slowing down but work is getting busier and busier these days.  The gym is keeping me plenty occupied and I am having such a fun summer with so many runners preparing for races this fall.  I almost wish it could be summer year round!

It rained a lot this weekend, but we took advantage of the indoor time and got a bunch of cleaning and errands taken care of.  After naps yesterday we pulled out the finger paints and Mary went to town.  It was a huge mess and we enjoyed every moment of it.


How has your summer been going?  Are you as big a fan as I am?

9 thoughts on “29 Weeks Pregnant, Awesome Running, & An Identity Crisis

    • Summer running is brutal at times, especially for speed work. I always remind my runners though that even slower runs in this weather, will make you so much faster and stronger come fall. Hard to keep that in mind as you struggle with the heat, but it does work out in the end.

  1. Give yourself grace with the pregnancy brain… I would likely leave my change or something at the restaurant and I’m not even pregnant, or forget to close the garage. Maybe I’m just forgetful though. I don’t blame you for moving runs to the treadmill because it’s hot and I can’t imagine being out in this while pregnant and trying not to get your heart rate too high (I know a lot of those myths have been debunked but it’s very hard for any athlete to keep their heart rate from shooting up in this heat). Looks like a great week and that things are going really well for you so far though!

    • You bring up a great point. They have debunked a lot of the myths about pregnant running and overheating. But even so, it is wise to take it inside when the heat is straining you. Dehydrating affects us all, but especially during pregnancy, it can become quite problematic for mom and baby.

      • Agreed… always better safe than sorry! Nothing wrong with treadmill for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable running outdoors (pregnant or not).

  2. Exactly as Heather said – love summer in general, love the ‘throw on shorts and go’ weather … but for whatever reason this year has been the warmest and most humid – so my 4AM runs have been mostly 65-70F with 80-90% humidity on a regular basis. Like peeling off a wet suit coming home! 🙂

    Glad you continue to feel good and always have to laugh at what pregnancy does in terms of the silly little things. Lisa wanted a tuna sub one day mid-way through pregnancy with our older son, and I was saying ‘are you SURE?!?’ – because she got DONE with it having it too much living on her own to save money for grad school and starting out. But YES was the answer … she ate it, regretted it, and hasn’t had it again in 21 years!

    • Haha, that is crazy about the tuna sub. I totally get it. I haven’t had any of those have to have it foods this time around and the last time it was only once with a chicken pot pie. Rock did the same thing as you and asked me if I was sure. I told him absolutely. Guess what? I totally regretted it and haven’t wanted one since.

      Crazy about your hot and humid weather. I was just chatting with someone today about the strange weather here. We have yet to have one really hot summer day here. A few humid ones, but not once have we hit 90 degrees and we are almost through July. While I hate running in it, I am kind of missing those steamy days in the sun. Go figure!

  3. A little fast food isn’t a crime. It could be much worse. My sister still hasn’t forgiven her adult son for the summer of hotdogs. When she was pregnant with him, she wanted hotdogs in everything – breakfast, lunch and dinner. He doesn’t even like hotdogs. In my family, sweet cravings go with having a girl, savory when it’s a boy. I’ve always wondered if that’s just a coincidence.

    Glad you’re enjoying summer! We’re getting cool rain now and it’s such a nice relief from the heat.

    • Oh that is interesting. I haven’t had any real cravings this time around. But now I am going to pay more attention to what I am craving. We don’t know what we are having but I have my own inclinations. A very “scientific” experiment. BTW, so glad I didn’t get those hot dog cravings!

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