32 Weeks & Taking Time To Treat Myself

Happy Monday!  Thank you so much for the kind words last week about my rib.  I am happy to report that I am feeling much better.  I had intentions of updating last week, but our family vacation was so much fun that I decided to take a break and just enjoy being with family.

The start of last week was rough.  My rib was continuing to pop out of place and the most frustrating part was that it was happening while I was sleeping at night.  Who in the world gets injured in their sleep?!  I woke up on Saturday and Sunday nights at 2am and spent most of the night pacing and trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in on the couch.  We were sharing a house with family and we were sharing our room with our daughter.  I felt very disruptive and frustrated.  I know that soon sleep will be at a premium when the baby arrives and I would love to get some decent sleep right now!

On the bright side, I did get to see an incredibly beautiful sunrise at 5am on Monday morning over Lake Michigan.  I might have been exhausted but I now know what all of you early birds rave about.

Monday night I could feel a tight knot it my back and I decided to get online and see if there was anyone in the area that did prenatal massage.  As luck would have it, the Amira Spa at The Homestead Resort offers a prenatal massage.  I decided to bite the bullet and spend the $120 for a 50 minute massage.  I felt a little guilty but at that point I was so sick of sleepless nights, I decided it was absolutely worth it.

I was blown away when I arrived at the spa on Monday afternoon.  The Homestead is the largest freshwater resort in the United States and is located on the outskirts of Glen Arbor, Michigan.  To get to the spa you wind around and all the way up to the top of the large hill that the resort sits on (they have skiing in the winter).  When I pulled up to the gates of the spa, I was absolutely shocked.


The entrance.

Upon entering, I was met with babbling brooks and streams that wound around the spa with ample seating in shaded areas.  Steps led up to an infinity pool overlooking a cliff out to Lake Michigan.  From there you could see the crystal clear lake and Manitou Islands.  Fountains spouted water across the pool and patrons lounged around the area in robes.


The spa itself was small, but I was met by a lovely receptionist who had me fill out some paper work and then offered me a drink.  I was then lead to a small ladies locker room where I was given one of the most comfortable robes I have ever worn.  From there I was lead into a spotless room where I laid down on a luxurious heated table.  Laying down on the heat alone felt like it would remedy the pain!

My massage therapist was a new mom herself and was so helpful with finding tender areas and working out knots.  She noted that my upper back was extremely tense and my scapulae had very limited range of motion.  It felt so good to ease some of the tension I had likely been carrying around for weeks.  She finished my treatment with lavender scented oil.  I decided right there that lavender was my new favorite scent this pregnancy.

I left feeling refreshed and revived.  The receptionist offered me a drink and told me I was welcome to spend the rest of the day hanging out at the pool area.  I could have even had a glass of wine had I not been almost 8 months pregnant.  Let me tell you, it was tempting to cancel my plans and sit at the pool for the rest of the day.

I did find a shaded garden and waited for Rock and Mary to pick me up.



Tuesday night was a bit better as far as sleep went but I was a tad disappointed that it didn’t immediately go back to normal.  I felt a little hopeless, but I noticed during the rest of Wednesday that my body was starting to feel loser and better.  By Wednesday night, I got almost a full nights sleep in my own bed!

Long story short, sometimes we forget just how much pressure we put on our bodies. Whether we are pregnant, getting daily workouts in, or spending hours at work each day, we need to remember that our bodies need some love and attention.  It might not be a luxurious massage that makes things better for you, but there are plenty of ways to treat your body.  Drink some extra water, take a yoga class, or foam roll for a few minutes each night.  Your body will appreciate the extra attention.


It stormed one of the last nights in Glen Arbor and we were treated to this view!

The rest of the week was a huge improvement and I am happy to report that I managed to get 39 miles of running in.  I’m still taking a break from strength training and might wait until after the baby arrives.  But I am taking a little extra time to listen to my body and treat it when I need it most.

How do you take care of yourself when your body needs a little extra love?

10 thoughts on “32 Weeks & Taking Time To Treat Myself

  1. I’m glad your rib is better! It’s a rare day I’ll shill for a massage, but you needed to get that worked out. I like to go to a back cracker when I’m not feeling right.

    On a different note, you lead [lēd] by example. The path led to the entrance of the building. Lead is a heavy, soft metal. 😉

    • Ah thank you. My pregnant brain is strong. Grammar mistakes drive me nuts!

      Yes, I am not a huge fan of spending the money. It took me almost two weeks of sleepless nights to decide it was time to do something. I was really worried it wouldn’t be good and I would have wasted the dough.

  2. Sounds like the spa really hit the spot! Nothing like a good massage. I have one booked in two weeks but I’m desperately in need of one now and might move up my appointment. Great job with your running – wow 39 miles!!!

  3. Glad your rib is better. Hope you get some good sleep while you can.

    I try to get a monthly massage because I suffer from mild back pain without it. I carry all the stress in my spine and shoulders so I need it to ease the pain. Without regular massages my back pain gets worse until it’s unbearable. Expensive but worth it to not be on painkillers.

    • Thanks. My massage therapist in NYC always says it is better to do it regularly than to wait until things build up and get worse. I completely agree, but tend to be bad about remembering until I really need it.

  4. Oh no! I’m sorry about the rib! Glad it’s starting to feel better…
    but ah. That retreat looks lovely. A good reminder to maybe book a massage at some point again soon. Once the mileage starts going up, I’ll make it a part of my routine, I think…now that I have a slightly more dependable income 🙂

  5. I get a monthly massage because I was in multiple car accidents when I was younger and ended up with neck and back pain that never really went away. After deciding deep tissue massages were a better match for my body than going to a chiropractor, I’ve made it a priority to get a massage, otherwise I end up with headaches and pain in my shoulders. I also love lavender oil and have started using it every night. Maybe it’s a placebo but I feel like I sleep better with it.

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