New Adventures

Happy Friday!  I have been absent for a few weeks.  My apologies but things threw me for a loop and I opted to take a break from blogging until life calmed down a touch.  Things really haven’t calmed down and at this point, I can assure you that they likely won’t.  But we at least have an action plan and feel back on track!

Two weeks ago, Rock had to leave town for the weekend.  Mary and I opted for a fun girl’s weekend (along with our dog Louie).  We spent our afternoons at the lake playing in the sun and had a super exciting movie night together.  Mary is really into Daniel Tiger (from my beloved Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) these days.  It worked out perfectly that Saturday night there was a new Daniel Tiger episode about his family having a new baby and bringing her home from the hospital.  I had just hit 34 weeks and this was a perfect way for Mary and I to mark the occasion. How else does one really discuss with a 2 year old that things are going to be changing soon?!  I will also admit that I totally cried while watching this episode.



Before Rock got home on Sunday I was able to get a great long run in on the treadmill while Mary napped.  I had a stellar week of running, logging 51 miles!  I felt fantastic.

However, by 8:00pm that evening I started to feel contractions and they held on throughout the night.  I figured they were just run of the mill Braxton Hicks, but when they lasted for over 12 hours and stayed close together, I gave my doctor’s office a call and they sent me to labor and delivery.  I was shocked to find out that we were in preterm labor and we spent 24 hours at the hospital getting the contractions to subside and some steroids to help the baby’s lungs mature, just in case.  If you’ve been a follower of this blog for awhile, you might recall that Mary made an early entrance into the world, and this was pretty much to the day that she started trying to arrive.

I was sent home on modified bedrest and said goodbye to running.  Not a huge deal.  Having been put on bedrest before, I knew that I likely wouldn’t be running up to my delivery date.  So instead, I worked at finishing up watching the entire series of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.  This show has gotten me through treadmill running during my pregnancy.  I am happy to report that I finished the series and made it through all but 20 mins of the Gilmore Girls reunion movie.

At 35 1/2 weeks of pregnancy, things were feeling great and I was certain we were going to make it the whole way through.  That was until my water decided to break in the middle of the night and we made a 3:30am drop off with a pajama clad Mary in the parking lot of a gas station.  We passed her off to my mom as the attendant watched us and I felt like we were doing some strange illegal activity.  Mary on the other hand, thought it was awesome to be wearing her pajamas in the car and chatted it up with us in the wee hours of the morning.

We arrived safely at the hospital, got settled into a room and had a super smooth delivery at 1:21pm on Thursday September 7th.  Little Lucy Carroll Dudek arrived healthy and happy at 6 pounds 1 ounce (just an ounce shy of her sister).  She may have been early but she came out kicking, screaming, and looking great.



We opted not to know the sex of our baby and it was a wonderful surprise.  I spent my entire pregnancy, certain that we were having a boy.  In fact, every time I went to pick something up for the nursery, it took all my willpower not to go for a shade of blue or to gravitate toward some onesies for boys.  It was an awesome surprise to find out that I was wrong (and Rock predicted correctly…..insert joke here about men actually being correct sometimes).

We are all so excited and Mary was thrilled to come to the hospital and visit her new little sister.  Mary arrived in her “I’m The Big Sister” shirt that I picked up for her and with a stuffed animal that we took her to pick out a few weeks ago.  In return, I had a special Big Bird tucked away in my bag as a gift for the new baby to give to Mary.


I know that it will be an adventure for the new big sister over the next few days and weeks but we made a few decisions over the past few months that I feel really helped with her transition.  Once we hit our second trimester and felt comfortable telling family and friends, we started discussing how we were having a new baby join our family soon.  Mary knew that there was a baby in my belly and she spent a lot of time over the past few months rubbing my belly and giving the baby kisses.

We also hit up Barnes and Noble and purchased several different children’s books about becoming a big sister and bringing home a new baby.  Mary loves reading books and when we would pick out something to read each night, she gravitated towards these.  Over the past few weeks, and as her vocabulary grew, it was reassuring to hear her discussing her new role as a big sister.Lucy6

There are also several Daniel Tiger and Elmo’s world episodes that touch upon babies and bringing new babies home.  I think these were also really helpful in educating our little one about the new changes that were to come.

Thank you to all of our friends and family who have been so helpful and supportive over the past few weeks.  Thanks to my runners who were patient and a huge thanks to my personal training clients who have been dealing with my hiatus!  A special thanks goes out to all of the awesome followers of this blog who have sent messages and kind words.  We are really blessed!

31 thoughts on “New Adventures

  1. Congratulations! I loved hearing all about Mary being a big sister. The toy exchange was so incredibly sweet! Enjoy every moment!
    As a side note, I’m a big sister and definitely went through some phases of resentment towards my sis. Pretty sure I also gave her a raisinet as her first solid food 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you and Rock. Oh, and give Rock a chuck on the shoulder and my condolences…. He’ll find out what I mean in about ten or eleven years. Chuckle. 👍

  3. OHMYGOSH I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH!!! YOU HAD ANOTHER BABY!!!! I feel like I might have seen Lucy’s picture on Instagram of Facebook but I was distracted and reading your post made me realize how much I MISSED! CONGRATULATIONS – she is beautiful!!!! Awwww!! ❤ (Also Gilmore Girls is the BEST!!)

    • Thank you so much! Gilmore Girls was perfect for hours of mindless treadmill miles. It also reminded me so much of the lovely towns in Upstate New York that I loved visiting. Great memories!

  4. Congratulations Sarah (and Rock and Mary)!!!! I am so happy for all of you and Lucy is just precious. Funny how the momma’s heart just expands for that new baby. Hugs!

  5. A very good reason to be missing off the blog for a while. 🙂 congratulations on your beautiful daughters. What great ways to get Mary used to her new role as a big sister. 🙂 and yay Gilmore Girls.

  6. Congratulations to your family! And welcome to the world, sweet Lucy! NPR did a story a while back on how a long, long time ago boy was the color of choice for girl nurseries and pink the color chosen for boys. Funny how things flip.

    Atypical is a funny show on Netflix. I loved it. I spent the last few months watching Gilmore Girls for the first time, too! 20 minutes a day during my lunch. Just started the reunion one. Lorelai is the greatest mom ever on TV.

  7. Congrats! I’ve been so off the grid with my blog lately that I totally missed this until now. She’s absolutely beautiful and a doll baby. Mary is going to be a great big sister! Hope you are recovering well and figuring out the new 2 kiddo routine!

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