I Blame It On The Sleep Deprivation

Has it really been three weeks?!  I haven’t posted in nearly three weeks and it has also been that long since little Lucy came into our lives.  What a wild adventure.

I didn’t intend to step away from blogging, but at the same time, I felt so much pressure with our first child to continue blogging, get right back into running, and start work as soon as possible.  As I saw her grow so rapidly, I realized that all of that pressure was totally unnecessary.  It is most important to enjoy every moment we have with our families and children.  So I have been taking time to enjoy baby and toddler snuggles and everything else that comes with being a mom of two little ones.


Despite arriving a month early, Lucy was healthy enough to come home with us after 48 hours at the hospital.  We were so excited to bring her home and get back to some sort of normalcy.

September is a busy time in our lives, as our fall session of classes in NYC starts.  A few days after we settled back at home, Rock had to take off for a week in NYC.  We had a feeling our baby was going to arrive early, but we had no idea when.  Both of us were sweating when he should head to New York.  He definitely didn’t want to miss the birth of our baby, but we also have business to take care of.  Once we knew that everything was fine, it was perfect timing for him to make a quick trip.

I was lucky enough to have some wonderful friends and family step in to help out.  Thank goodness because two kids present different challenges.  While big sister is loving her new role, she is also two and likes to test just how firm we are about rules.  Like any new sibling, it can also be a tricky adjustment.  Patient friends stepping in was a huge blessing!


Last weekend we took our first road trip as a foursome to Chicago for a family wedding.  With our original due date being two weeks after the wedding, we were not sure if we would make the festivities.  Fortunately, we all were able to be there and Mary even got to participate in her first flower girl gig!

Lucy hunh out with a friend of ours for the evening and I got to dress like a normal human for the first time in a long, long time.  I missed my little girl, but had a fun few hours feeling fabulous.

Mary nailed her flower girl role (thanks to a lollipop down the aisle) and she later rocked the dance floor.  She recently started ballet classes and opted to hit the dance floor in her ballet slippers.



On the running front, I have been busy with lots of runners preparing for fall marathons.  It has been so exciting to watch everyone’s progress and live vicariously through their training.  I have to say they are giving me major marathon envy and I have a few ideas for next year.

When we got back from Chicago on Sunday, I did my first run since I was told to take a break at 34 weeks.  It went surprisingly well.  Last time I got right back in two weeks after Mary was born and it was a bit too early.  I ended up injured and pushing myself too soon.  This time around I felt mentally and physically ready and had a great 3 mile run.  I’ve had a few other runs since then and am slowly increasing the mileage.

Today I am starting back to work with a few solid hours of personal training.  For the next few weeks/months I am going to stick to just one or two days of personal training a week and see how things go.  I am looking forward to getting back to work for a little bit, but want to make sure I take advantage of every baby and toddler moment I possibly can.


I hope to start blogging with more frequency and getting back into what this blog was originally meant for; a little bit of my life and plenty of running/fitness related info.  Thanks for your patience during my hiatus.  No guarantees over the next few weeks that it won’t happen again!


19 thoughts on “I Blame It On The Sleep Deprivation

    • Thank you, but clearly I slack on certain areas of my life. Ha! It definitely is a constant lesson. Somedays we feel like we have it figured out and other days I refer to myself as the Hot Mess Express!

  1. Congratulations! I’ve clearly been gone so long I missed a lot of stuff! I don’t have toddlers and I have no time so I don’t know how you do half of what you do!

    • Thank you. I find that dogs are sometimes more exhausting than children. We have been trying to make extra time out for walks with ours. He seems to think he is getting the shaft lately 😉

  2. I took a 10 month hiatus with my second and just started back up this week. You are absolutely right that two kids presents a whole new set of challenges. I wasn’t consistent with my blogs pre-baby but I was consistent with running. Even that took a long hiatus. Do what feels right for you and your kiddos because these moments are so important and time with them is very short.

    • Thank you so much for this. I have so many posts ready to go in my head. But the day goes by and I run out of time. Where does it go?! I’m okay with this break, because as you said, you don’t get this time back.

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