Getting Back On Track, Wild Days, & Ice People

Ok, I do believe life is calming down a bit and it is time to get this blog back on track again.  Please excuse my absence.  With a toddler in the house, along with a now 8 week old, life is always an adventure.  Top that off with a busy fall season that brought Rock back out to NYC for a few weeks, and I honestly couldn’t find extra time to sit down and type up the number of posts I have jotted down and in my head.  We will get there!

Our family of four is starting to really come together.  Big sister is in love with her little sister and enjoys helping out.  When she isn’t busy trying to give Lucy a pacifier or a blanket, she can be found giving a bottle to her own babies or attempting to burp them.  It is so incredibly cute to watch.  I really adore seeing her imagination come to life.


Daniel Tiger is all the rage in this house!

Work has been busy in several ways.  As I mentioned before, Rock had to spend a few weeks in NYC wrapping up our fall sports session.  I have been training clients at the gym one or two days a week and I also had several runners finish various marathons.  Congrats to everyone who finished Chicago, NYC, Toronto, Marine Corps and a few others.  Weather played a few tricks on us this fall, but that seems to be the trend lately.

Last weekend we got to witness a really cool event here in Michigan.  The Iceman Cometh is a 30 mile bike trek from Kalkaska to Traverse City, MI.  Not only does this wild race lead you down dirt roads and trails, but Northern Michigan weather plays an interesting variable.  Some years it is sunny and warm, others it snows.  This past year it decided to throw a few twists in by adding both snow and rain.


It is so fun to see our small town grow by about 300% as cyclists pack the streets.  I had to leave early in the morning for a work meeting and I was loving the sight of so many bikes warming up all over town.  When I drove back home later that afternoon I passed a cyclist on the highway riding through a downpour.  This guy did the 30 mile trek through the woods and then worked his way home on the highway.  It was truly inspirational and definitely something crazy that Rock and I would do for an adventure.

Between this event and all of the marathon excitement over the past few weeks, I am definitely starting to contemplate my next race.  My doctor just ran Detroit and he now has that on my radar.  My friends just did Indy and that is certainly intriguing me.

For now, I am also just loving getting my mileage in on the treadmill while watching my latest Netflix binge, Grace and Frankie.  I do have to stop multiple times because I am laughing too hard to actually run.  I couldn’t manage to watch Stranger Things 2 while running.  I would have flown off of the mill about 5,000 times!  I had to save those episodes to watch with Rock, because if I watched them alone I wouldn’t have slept at night.



What is your next race adventure?  Any Netflix suggestions?  I’m running out of episodes!

10 thoughts on “Getting Back On Track, Wild Days, & Ice People

  1. You have all reason in the world to ignore the blog! Glad to see you, though. 🙂
    As for Stranger Things, I got through season one on the treadmill because of the adrenaline helping me deal with the fear. This second season I’m watching from home, and I have to pause too many times. 🙂

    • Thanks for your understanding. There’s a lot going on and I am thoroughly enjoying it all and trying to get some sleep in too! The second Season of Stranger Things was absolutely worth the wait. I don’t know how you can stay on the mill while watching even last season. I hope you like it as much as I did!

  2. Love Grace and Frankie! I tend watch a lot of Korean dramas on Netflix but they’re not for running due to subtitles. BBC Sherlock and Luther are good detective dramas. The True Cost’s a great documentary as is The Minimalists. The Good Place with Kristen Bell’s good too.

    Hope your girls are okay 🙂

    • Thanks for the recommendations. I finished Grace and Frankie last night and was so bummed for it to be over. I hope there are new ones soon! I can’t imagine running and reading subtitles. That would definitely cause me to go flying off of the machine!

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