The Days Fly By

Happy Monday!  We had a wild week around here filled with snow and frigid weather.  We lucked out and didn’t receive the foot of snow that was predicted, but I am not ready for winter to be here.  Whether I am or not, it appears that winter is here to stay.

I spent a day at work training clients and we also took some time to finally close up our cottage.  Perfect timing.  I wasn’t expecting the snow to arrive so soon and that would have made for a mess.  We still had our lawn furniture and picnic table sitting outside.


We packed plenty of fun in this weekend.  Saturday started bright and early with pictures with my side of our family.  A few weeks ago we met with a local photographer to get some pictures taken with our girls.  They were so great that we decided to do a large family photo for my parents.  However, when the weather turned from cold to super cold, we thought we were out of luck.

Fortunately, our photographer was able to arrange for us to meet at the Grand Traverse Resort and do an indoor shoot. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out, as we used some really great areas of the resort as our backdrop.  If you are in the area, I highly recommend Wallhanger Photography!

It was also really fun to be there because the Beerd Run was getting ready to take off.  I had been interested in this event but opted out when we signed up for our photos.  This is a 5k that takes you around the resort and offers microbrew samplings at each mile marker.  There is beer and warm food offered at the end and each runner gets a knit beanie with a beard attached.  It sounded like a fun event, and judging from the people we saw hanging out in the lobby, it definitely was a great time.  Nothing is better than being able to use a warm lobby and indoor facilities before a race, especially in that weather.  Having quality microbrews on the course and afterwards is pretty great too.  Clearly, this is a recreational run, but if you saw my post on what makes a great race, this one certainly looked like it qualified!

After the shoot, Mary was famished and devoured a donut….or at least all of the chocolate that covered the donut.  Glad we kept that sweater clean until the shoot was done!

If you ever find yourself in the Traverse City area, I highly recommend a visit to the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa.  You will find a beautiful facility full of shops, restaurants, great hotel rooms, a fantastic spa, and a top of the line fitness facility.  If you enjoy swimming, golfing, or playing tennis, this is a great place for you.  Oh, and there is a Dylan’s Candy Bar too!


We spent the afternoon taking a drive along the Old Mission Peninsula.  With views of both the East and West Bays or Lake Michigan, this is a stunning stroll.  The peninsula is packed with vineyards and wineries along with a few fantastic restaurants and breweries.

After Mary’s gymnastics class, a run for me, and a nap for the girls, we were off to Grayling where we tried out a new barbecue restaurant.  Ray’s is seated right along the Ausable River and has some pretty delicious bbq as well as a great selection of beer.  We loved the high ceilings and warm fireplace and Mary loved the giant moose on the wall.


Pulled Pork salad was so good!

The rest of the weekend involved some cleaning time and a big family dinner on Sunday.  When the weather gets cold, I certainly love spending time in the kitchen.

We also got in the crafting mood and made a hand turkey on canvas.  Michael’s had a great deal on canvas (8 for $11) so I picked up a few for holiday arts and crafts projects.  This one came together with a little washable finger paint.  After a quick dry, Mary got to use marker pens (like you would use for bingo) to make the feathers.  I added a quick border and we now have a new Thanksgiving decoration.


Next to Mary’s pumpkin we made for Halloween.

On the running front, I was able to log 45 miles last week.  I will call that a giant win for 9 weeks out from having Lucy!  Running is feeling good, although not yet quite back to the speed I would desire.  I was able to bump up the distance of a few of my runs this week and that felt like a huge success.

We are planning on doing a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day and I am looking forward to pushing Mary for that one.  5k’s are not my favorite as I feel they are a bit of a sprint and I tend to go a little crazy.  I’m relying on Mary to keep me in check for that one!

Do you have any Turkey Trotting plans?  Any weekend highlights?

6 thoughts on “The Days Fly By

  1. OMG the donut. There are so many pics of my brother and I like that. LOL
    We are going to try to do pics while we are in Palmetto Bluff–an old running friend now lives in Charleston and does some amateur photog, and she was kind enough to offer! I wish I was turkey trotting, but I will be just off crutches at that point, so probbbbbably not the best idea. But Alex is training up a little bit–though this weekend of gross weather didn’t help!

  2. Boo to winter being here!!
    I’m signed up for a 5 mile turkey trot, but not sure I’ll be running it (although the thought of walking 5 miles is not at all appealing). I’m dealing with hip flexor issues and not sure i’ll get the all clear. Maybe a walk/run combo. Don’t want to make anything worse because my wedding is two days later (holy cow!). 🙂

  3. I am also planning to do a 5K Turkey Trot but not signing up until closer to the date, just because (want to make sure Thanksgiving plans are solid first). It looks like you had a fun weekend and I love the pic of Mary eating that donut. The chocolate covering is the best part anyway. A 45 mile week so soon after baby is so amazing, too.

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