I Took The Leap (Run)

Happy Wednesday!  For my friends in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving Eve.  Regardless of where you are, I am thankful for all of you for following this blog, commenting, and making my life full of fun and excitement.

We are in the Chicagoland area for the week visiting family and friends.  We’ve already had a fun filled past few days visiting with cousins and friends.  Last night we took a train ride down into the city to our old neighborhood.  We met up with family and a running friend for dinner at one of our favorite sushi restaurants, Fin.  I can’t recommend this place too much.  First of all, it is BYOB, which is something I love about Chicago restaurants.  Second, the quality of sushi is among some of the best I have had anywhere and I have had the luxury of dining at some of the best places in NYC.  However, unlike NYC these rolls don’t come at Morimoto prices.  We had an embarrassing amount of rolls and appetizers for less than $60.

It was my first time having sushi since being pregnant last winter and it was worth the wait.

Mary on the other hand was waiting all week to take the train into the city.  She’d been talking about it for days and the experience didn’t disappoint.  I love Chicago train conductors.  They are super friendly to passengers, and especially to kids.  Mary ended up carrying our tickets in her pockets the rest of the night.

One thing I have not done since Lucy was born is run outside.  I’ve been sticking strictly to the treadmill since I was about 31 weeks pregnant.  It has been 10 weeks since Lucy arrived and I have been mostly just trying to fit in runs when the kids are sleeping or when it is convenient.  This has meant treadmill runs to Netflix in our basement.  I finished off Grace and Frankie and rolled it over to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Both of these shows lured me in and I have not minded running indoors.  Last week I even managed to log 52 miles.

To be honest, coming back from pregnancy can be difficult for a runner.  Our bodies expand and don’t always adjust very well.  We have a hormone called relaxin that prepares our bodies for birth and leaves our us pretty loosey goosey for quite awhile after.  It’s easier to roll ankles and move things out of whack.  Last time around I did a number on my pelvis by trying to do too much too early, making it even more painful to come back.

A few weeks ago I was jogging in our driveway, chasing after Mary on her bike.  I had to stop because things just weren’t feeling right.  The treadmill provides just a bit more support and even ground for coming back from injuries and pregnancy.  Because of that, I was hesitant to get outside and go for a run.

We have a Turkey Trot coming up on Thursday and a lack of indoor options while we are away this week.  Both of these were perfect excuses to get me outside for a run.  Let me tell you though, I was nervous!

However, on Monday I was in a car all day and ate way too many “car snacks” (aka crap).  I really wanted to break a sweat and get a good run in.


So I threw on some cold weather running gear and decided to just go for it.  My plan was to do 7 miles, but I quickly realized I needed this run in more ways than one.  I forced myself to keep the pace where I felt comfortable and not let my dusty GPS dictate my pace.  I did use the GPS as a reference for mileage and occasionally checked it because I was curious to see what my comfortable pace was, but I didn’t let it set the pace.

I felt great.  My new Asics that felt weird on the treadmill, felt amazing on the pavement.  I quickly decided to change my 7 miler to 8 and soon started playing the numbers to see if 9 would be doable.  At some point I had to stop and text my husband because I knew in my heart that I really wanted to get a double digit run in, just to know that I could.

It was almost as if I started to run better as my body remembered how to do things.  Even with the Chicago winds, everything just felt so enjoyable.  I finished off 10 miles feeling great and ready to devour a ton of sushi later.


Sometimes we just have to take that leap and trust our bodies.  One thing I always try to remind my runners about is that once you are a runner, you are always a runner.  Things happen in life that cause us to take breaks.  Perhaps we get injured, or we just need a change for a bit.  Regardless of what takes us away from running, it is always there waiting for us.  It takes a few runs to get back at it, but it usually doesn’t take nearly as long as you anticipate.  Running is always there.  Your body and your mind will remember and do their thing.


Happy Thanksgiving.  Any Turkey Trots on the agenda for you?

Anyone else tend to go a little crazy when they order sushi?

16 thoughts on “I Took The Leap (Run)

  1. Oh my goodness, look how big Mary is now! I can’t wait to see her again and meet Lucy.

    Awesome job, Mama! I haven’t experienced this myself, but I do believe in listening to your body. Sometimes it means fewer miles and sometimes more.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Hugs to all.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I passed my Pre and Post Natal fitness course so I get you about returning to running. So many no´s and can’t do´s. I got the impression studying my course was advising doing nothing while pregnant! Obvs, it wasn’t, but what’s recommended you can do is reduced to just maintenance fitness. Seriously, though childbirth does a number and to study pre and post natal fitness it helps if you have given birth which I haven’t so I was at a disadvantage studying! It recommend no lateral steps or twisting until about 6 months post natal when relaxin has left the body! But I’m emphasis on returning when you feel ready not down to pressure, so you go girl!

    • So wonderful that you can help people with both pre and post natal. For me i think postnatal is the hardest and least informed. I had to go to a work meeting and do some team building activities that I later regretted. It was far too much too soon and I didn’t know how to say no. We need to know that it’s okay to proceed with caution and take some time.

      • I’m with you. Your team leader should have let you skip the activities. But then I feel there’s a standard you’ve given birth, you’re not so ‘fragile’ now, get on with it attitude. I’m only a cat mama, but that’s what I pick up on. I get you about not knowing how to say no. The postnatal recommendations are crazy. No twisting exercises for at least 6 months until relaxin in out as you can still do some ‘damage’, but I’m surely the Mum’s already twisting in her everyday life! Likewise with impact exercises. But I’m only a cat mama!
        Like you say it’s listening to your body and deciding when you’re ready.

  3. Mary is getting so grown up! I am a little worried (when I really think about it) concerning coming back to fitness after birth. Honestly, I just want to get through the rest of this pregnancy without mishap!

    • Baby will whip you into shape! Just enjoy your time and take your time. It all comes back sooner than you think. Despite my bedrest and various injuries that had me off of my feet this pregnancy, my body remembered how to do its thing.

  4. So great to hear you had a wonderful double digit run outside! I too loved having a treadmill after my girls were born. It was nice and easy to get those runs in, yet I almost felt less guilty running on it than outside.
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend

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