Holiday Gift Guide: Running Products For Stockings

Keeping with my trend of reviewing running sunglasses, I thought I would share some of my favorite running products to stuff stockings .  Pick up a few of these for yourself or your favorite runner.  I believe these won’t disappoint.

Simple Hydration Bottles: ($19.99)

It’s no secret that I am a fan of this water bottle.  It sits perfectly  in the back of your shorts or sports bra.  No need to wear a hydration belt. There’s no bouncing around or chafing.  The name of this product says it all, simple!  You don’t have to worry about carrying hydration around.  It holds just enough fluid to get through almost any run.  Now the lids also come in a variety of colors and an improved lid.


Yurbuds: (Starting at $14.99 on Amazon)

I have weird ears, because earbuds don’t stay in for me.  It is so frustrating and up until a few years ago, I had to wear old school over the noggin headphones.  Yep, I was that dork on the run!  I was at a North Face race and saw a Yurbuds booth and their promise that these won’t fall out.  I didn’t try them, but eventually decided to spring for a pair.  Do yourself a favor and get these if you have the same problem as me.  The sound quality is fantastic.  The fit is great and they will replace them if there are issues within the first year.


Flipbelt: (Starting at $28.99)

I used to use a different type of belt, and while I loved it, we had some major chafing issues and had to break up.  Unlike other belts, this one stays in place and doesn’t bounce around, eliminating any potential rubbing.  It also has multiple pockets so you can carry your phone, fuel, ID, cash, and anything else you might need.  Even when I was pregnant, this remained comfortable on the run thanks to a nice amount of stretch.


Body Glide: ($7.99 in stores)

Speaking of comfort, chafing is a given in the sport of running.  It happens and it hurts.  Nobody likes to hit the showers after their thighs have rubbed together for several miles.  Ouch!  Lather this on problem areas before your long run and spare yourself that painful singe after a run.


Nuun Tablets: ($5.99 in stores)

I tore my calf at 20 weeks during my pregnancy in May.  A lack of electrolytes can lead to severe cramping and even muscle tears.  These delicious tablets are a wonderful way to recover after your run.  Hydrating never tasted so delicious and your muscles will thank you later.  I love the variety of flavors that are offered, including energy options, because sometimes long runs start at early o’clock.


What are your favorite products that you would like to see in your stocking or recommend for others to share the love?


7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide: Running Products For Stockings

  1. Great list – maybe I will have to share with my family because I am so hard to shop for … but then again, they get tired of the only thing I need that is affordable always relates to running! 🙂

    I love the look of the FlipBelt … but the SpiBelt has worked perfectly for me (no chafing!) for ~3 or so years so until it needs replacing I’ll hold off – but I hear so much good stuff about FlipBelt that I know that will be next for me!

    I should also really try Nuun – another one of those things everyone raves about I just haven’t tried yet. Oh well – 2018, maybe that is the year of trying new stuff?

    • I used to use the SpiBelt too. This one, believe it or not, holds more and is less bulky. I think that once you make the switch you will really like. I also find that it works much better in the laundry. Nuun is great and really refreshing after a long run. I’m sometimes reluctant to change, but these two were game changers for me.

    • Yurbuds guarantees that they will stay in. I’m not exaggerating when I say that they are life changing. The first time I ran with them, I felt like a whole new runner. I hope you find them to be as awesome as I have.

  2. Nice list! I always like hearing about fellow runners’ favorite things. I also love nuun. It was a game changer for me as well, after trying multiple other hydration products. I always like running socks in my stocking. I love the ones from Balega that are made with mohair.

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