Athlete Reviews

Running a marathon was something that I never thought I would be able to do. I had run a half marathon previously and honestly, it was a struggle for me.  After talking with Sarah, she began to change my mind and make me believe I could do a full. Sarah created a training program, customized to my ability, and worked with me to tweak it as needed to ultimately get me to the finish line of the Bank of Chicago Marathon. Sarah was incredibly encouraging and motivating throughout the training and is also extremely knowledgeable about both running and nutrition! Now that she has gotten me hooked on running, I have gone on to continue training with her – using her fitness and half marathon training programs. This spring, I trained for another half marathon with her and was able to PR by 13 mins!  I highly recommend working with Sarah.- Michelle


I have trained with Coach Sarah for a little over a year now and can’t imagine where I would be as a runner without her. Coach Sarah takes the time to get to know each of her runner’s strengths and weaknesses. She builds customized training plans for every type of runner and plans to meet everyone’s goals. Whether you want to finish your first half or full marathon or you want to qualify for Boston Coach Sarah can get you there.  Prior to following Coach Sarah’s training plans last year I did complete one half marathon and one full marathon. Those experiences were less than enjoyable but now that I train with one of the best coaches in the business I enjoy the training almost, if not more, than I enjoy race day. My goals last year were to improve my form or finish times. I’m happy to say in a year’s time I shaved off 16 minutes from my half marathon time and 26 minutes from my full marathon. This year I want to focus on healthy running, avoiding injuries, and maybe some more personal records. If there’s a coach that can get me there, It’s Sarah Dudek.- Steve


Sarah and Rock helped me train for the 2015 New York City Marathon, guiding me through the entire training plan and encouraging me every step of the way. Since I’ve only ran a couple half marathons before, I was extremely nervous to try running a full marathon. From our very first run together, Sarah and Rock always had positive attitudes. They never made me feel bad that I wasn’t faster when I ran or when I needed to walk. They pushed me when I struggled, because they knew I could do it. Even towards the end of my training plan, they never made me feel bad about my pace. Going into the race, I felt confident and realized that Sarah and Rock instilled that confidence in me. I always said that I needed to finish the marathon, even if I had to crawl to the finish line. But with Sarah and Rock’s awesome help, I was able to finish strong and felt like I could keep going further! I could not have conquered the NYC Marathon without Sarah and Rock, they really made the experience incredible. Any race I sign up for in my life, regardless of the distance, will be with Sarah and Rock coaching me. They really are the best running coaches I could have ever hoped for, and I feel so fortunate to have found them. Thank you for helping me become a marathoner!- Jennifer
Sometimes in life people come into your world and make an impact, even if you only know a bit about them or for a small amount of time, you are one of those people.  Since the first time I exchanged an email with you to the first time I met you in person, I knew that you had this huge heart and were such a great person!  I am honored to have had you as a coach and a friend through the process of my first full and half marathons, I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else coaching and supporting me.  It was like you knew just what to say and when to say it to keep me on track and give me the confidence I needed to get to the end.  I wish I could put into better words what your time and coaching did for me, it was so much more than just learning how to run (or walk) a marathon.  The mental part of running that far is the real sport!-Elisha
I love knowing you are there for me.  I didn’t get that from the coaches I’ve had.  I believe you truly want to succeed and care about me. –Josh

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