Giving New Shoes A Go- Harmony Road by Reebok

**Please note that I received Harmony Road shoes by Reebok to try and am being compensated for this post.  However, all opinions are always my own.

A few weeks ago, Rock and I were out shopping for running shoes and it turned into a deep discussion about how expensive our taste has become and how frustrating it can be to find the right shoe.  Rock commented that it should’t be this difficult.  It is great that there are so many different models out there for runners, but essentially, a shoe should be a shoe. (Many of you know that I am a certified running coach but I don’t often mention that Rock is also a RRCA certified coach as well.  Together we have coached hundreds of runners.  We have also coached thousands of athletes from hockey, to lacrosse, baseball, football….you name it)

It was interesting that we had this conversation, when a few days later I received an e-mail from Reebok, asking if I would be willing to try out their new running shoe “Harmony Road.”  I was intrigued because it was essentially everything Rock and I had just discussed.

At a price point of $120, this shoe doesn’t break the bank for runners.  With ample midsole cushioning, a lightweight build and heavy shock absorption, this is basically anything a runner could ask for.  While many of us walk into a shoe store and are overwhelmed by the plethora of models to choose from, Reebok keeps it simple.  The Harmony Road is a thoughtfully created shoe that is meant for just about anyone.  It was also the winner of the Runner’s World 2017 best debut shoe.


I was thrilled to get the chance to try these out, but admittedly, a little nervous as well.  The last time I switched shoes/models was when I unknowingly went from a stability Asics to a neutral of the same brand.  Dumb mistake for a running coach, and I paid the price with a bout of tendinitis that left me unable to walk normally for weeks.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that this caused a bit of hesitation to try something new.  I am a strictly loyal Asics fan (who only wears the stability models these days).


As soon as I received my shoes, I took off for a loop of Central Park.  This was when I realized I made a few really stupid mistakes.  You should never go out in a brand new pair of shoes and do 7 miles of hills on the first run.  Second, I realized I forgot to put my Super Feet insoles in.  Ever since I experienced debilitating plantar fasciitis years ago, I have needed these to run comfortably.  Recipe for disaster!

Or was it?

Just a half mile into my run, I realized that I completely forgot that not only did I have on new shoes, but also a brand I had never worn on a run before.  It surprised me to notice that even on hills, the arches of my feet were feeling just great without my trusty insoles.  The entire run was a really great surprise.

The biggest test would be how I felt days later.  While a run in new shoes might feel great initially, it is even more telling how your body and feet feel in the days to follow.  When I ended up with tendinitis in the past, it took me forever to realize what had caused this because it takes time for the issues to present themselves.


I did something I wouldn’t normally recommend, and wore these shoes all over New York City for one full week.  During that time I ran 45 miles and logged approximately 25,000 steps each day.  Not only did I run in these shoes but I also walked everywhere and taught classes in them.  The end result?  My pace was great, my feet felt fantastic, and my body didn’t notice a thing.

The verdict:  Am I a total convert?  Yes and no.  I’m not quite ready to hang up my beloved Asics.  But I am not tossing the Harmony Road’s to the side.  I still love the brand I am loyal to, but I also really like how these new shoes feel.

As a running coach I am a big fan of alternating shoes.  However, I know that isn’t always a feasible option for everyone.  At $120 per pair, these shoes are a bit more affordable than the ones I currently train in.  I am much more likely to purchase a pair of these to alternate with.  The Harmony Roads are also meant to be a long lasting shoe.  I foresee these sticking around in my current rotation for quite a long time.

As a coach I would absolutely recommend that new runners and any runner who is looking for a great enduring shoe with plenty of cushioning give these a try.

Want to give the Harmony Road a try or find out more?  Click here!