Pregnancy and Running- Second Trimester

And just like that we are in out of the second trimester.  It is hard to believe but we passed the 26 week mark this past weekend.  Time is seriously flying by!

I managed to continue running throughout my second trimester, including pacing a 5k and coaching 75+ runners for a half marathon.  In fact, I marked my 25th week with 16, albeit slow, miles during that half marathon.


The second trimester was fun.  Different, but fun.  Early on it became evident that it was not going to be nearly as easy as the first trimester.  As much as I have approached this pregnancy with the mindset that I was not going to be lazy or let it change my running too much, there were certain limitations that came with the past few months.

The biggest change (sorry if it’s TMI) came in the form of my bladder.  Baby Olive, our nickname for the baby since we don’t know what we are having, decided to prop itself right on my bladder very early into the second trimester.  This was especially difficult when half marathon training started in late February through March because we ran on the Lakefront Path and the bathrooms were all closed.  There were some hectic mad dashes to area hospitals (where they were kind enough to let us runners use their facilities) along the runs to make a pit stop.  As a coach it was frustrating because I didn’t want to leave my runners alone on the path.  But I will assume this is great training for parenting where I will have limited amounts of time to make a run for the bathroom.


Beware the belly!

I opted for the gym a lot in the past few months because the weather was so up and down between warm days and cold ones and the wind was something fierce for several weeks.  But it was also nice to have the option to hop off of the treadmill at any moment and make a run for the bathroom (sometimes after every mile….ugh!).

On the mileage front, I was able to maintain my same mileage and my doctor was totally on board with this.  Every time I have an appointment I make sure we are still okay to continue running and she has given me the go ahead without any hesitation.  My pacing has continued to stay approximately a minute per mile slower than my average pace and I can tell that as my belly continues to get bigger it will probably begin to slow even more.  For someone who is rather competitive and usually concerned about pacing, I have to say that this is no big deal and I have learned to enjoy the slower pace.  Being able to stick with my daily 7-8 mile runs and get a longer one in on the weekend is still pretty awesome.  I will take that over speed anytime!

Besides the running clothes getting tighter the only other major change I have noticed is cramping.  Holy calf cramping!  Rock and I were apart for five weeks while he was in NYC for work and I was in Chicago coaching runners and skaters.  He came back two weekends ago to do the half marathon with Team Momentum.  The first night he was there I woke up around 4 a.m. with killer calf cramping.  I tried grabbing my toes to pull them back and I couldn’t reach.  The pain shot up through my hamstring and I wanted to scream but we had three house guests sleeping at our place and a puppy outside of our bedroom.  I jumped out of bed and was hobbling around trying to get rid of the cramp.  I was unable to talk and I am pretty sure Rock woke up and thought I was going into labor.  It was a horrible wake up; funny now but horrible then.


My biggest craving these days is fruit.


Sigh…..and Slurpees!

Sadly, these calf cramping wake ups have become a new norm.  All of the books say to exercise more and drink more to avoid this problem but I think I am pretty good about doing both!

How is your running going?  Anyone else run through their second trimester?