Why I Don’t Do WIAW

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for awhile.  Then about two weeks ago, I was over at hellyontherun where she posted her first WIAW.  I usually skip over these posts but hers was totally different.  Then AFastPacedLife responded in the most hilarious way and pointed out that she had done it incorrectly and it lead to a funny bit of banter between the three of us.  I told them that I had been thinking about this post and they agreed that I should go for it.

The reason I often skip over WIAW posts is because, quite frankly I think they are very often a load of baloney.  I don’t mean that to offend anyone and believe me, I do follow many bloggers who post great WIAW’s.  But ask any personal trainer who has worked with someone doing a food log, and odds are that someone is on their best behavior when their eating is being tracked.  Either that or they “forget” some of the little things that are added in during the day.


I have a childhood friend that I follow and when I read her posts about what she eats in a day I feel both sad and hungry.  As Elle pointed out in her response to Helly’s post, the typical WIAW starts with a green smoothie, usually after an early workout.  Sometimes before lunch they sneak a little snack of 5 almonds and a couple of grapes.  Lunch consists of a bed of greens with a protein on top.  A glass of tea is consumed as a snack before dinner.  And then come dinner time, they are so full from lunch they can barely eat a bite.  But usually they do splurge and have a sliver of dark chocolate for dessert.

Let me be real honest here and say that my diet looks nothing like that!  If you do eat like this, kudos to you.  I wish I had your willpower and a much smaller appetite.


This is my breakfast of choice for shorter runs under 10 miles.  I realize it isn’t the healthiest and Rock teases me that Life and other sugary cereals aren’t the best.  But it sure looks better than his boring oatmeal!

There is a lot of shaming that goes on in the world.  Fat shaming, skinny shaming, mom shaming; the list is endless.  The last thing I think we need is food shaming.  So many people eat a variety of diets.  Some have to for health or religious reasons.  Others have found that certain diets work best in their fitness routines.

While I do work to eat a healthy diet, I am well aware of the fact that I slip up, a lot.  And I eat  a lot.  Training for a marathon makes you ravenous.  Training for life makes you hungry!

The other problem is that I am a terrible blogger when it comes to pictures.  I often think on runs about the perfect pic that I will take when I finish, only to remember it when I am done and in the shower.  I tried yesterday to take a pic of my meals.  As you can see from the other pics, I got breakfast and lunch in.  I was so busy making a salad for dinner while feeding a fussy infant, that I completely forgot to document it.  I also totally forgot about that moment after she had a bottle before her nap and I was so ravenous that I went for a bag of baked Cheetohs…and ate way too many.

Sure I had some cereal for breakfast and a nice sandwich after my speed work.  But what I didn’t note was the post breakfast Teddy Grahams before I went out for my run.  Let’s not even discuss how addicted I am to Biscoff cookie butter right now.  I would have eaten that at some point during the day, but I polished off our graham crackers a few days before that and keep forgetting to buy some more.


Adding bread back in has really helped my training.  At the same time, I have also switched to organic antibiotic and nitrate free lunch meat.  I also add a little pesto for some extra deliciousness.

On a side note, I did eat a banana and strawberries as a snack with lunch.  However, I should note that it was mostly because I am doing my darndest to get as many fruits and veggies into Mary’s diet now that she is eating solids. So yeah, I was eating her food too!

I tend to avoid complex carbohydrates in my diet because I find that it makes me feel “puffy.”  I often have said that eliminating them has helped me lose weight in the past.  However, in my most recent training cycle, I gave myself a bit more leniency with bread.  I use it as my fuel for longer runs.  Guess what happened?  I actually noticed weight coming off for the first time ever in a training cycle.  Then I read this great article by Matt Fitzgerald.  I think this makes an excellent point of showing that sometimes when we are so concerned with eating less and keeping weight off, the weight stays.

You probably wont’ be seeing a WIAW post by me anytime in the near future.  But you can certainly assume that I am enjoying my food!

Do you like to share your meals?  Or are you like me and forget to take pics until it is too late?