Virtual Training With A Personal Experience

Many of my clients work with me in a virtual format.  To date, I have trained over 500 runners and athletes from across the United States and several other countries.

My goal for virtual training is to make sure that your experience feels 100% personal.  While I am a RRCA Certified Running Coach, I am also an ACE Certified Health Coach.  This means that on top of focusing on your running, we can also work on your overall health to ensure that your training covers all the necessary bases to get you to your goals.

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I offer an array of options, all at the same affordable price of $60 per month.  You can simply focus on your running or add on Health Coaching as well as Personal Training workouts at the same price.

Everyone I work with receives the following:

•Initial phone consult to discuss your goals, time availability, previous injuries or set backs, and any other concerns.

•Weekly custom tailored plans based on your goals and current fitness levels.  Adjustments can be made for schedule changes or other issues.

•Weekly check-in e-mails to assess progress and how we should approach the next week.  This allows us to keep your plan customized and also make any necessary adjustments

•Unlimited access by phone, e-mail, or text.  I’m here for you and I want to make sure this is the best experience possible.  This is your journey and my goal is to make it great from start to finish.

Other options you can add on at no additional expense:

•Weekly strength workouts to help focus on muscle groups that will make you a stronger and healthier runner.

•Health Coaching- together we can discuss your dietary needs or issues and work on a path to optimal health.  For some this might be a weight loss plan, but for many this will be reaching fitness goals.  One of the key factors to successful running, is proper fueling before, during, and after workouts.

Have questions?  Give me a shout and let’s discuss your goals and what you are looking for.  I am always happy to chat with runners, athletes, and anyone looking to make a lifestyle change.  My goal is to make your journey an incredible experience.